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This article is about the robes. For the cosmetic override, see Replica infinity robes.
Infinity hat detail

Infinity robes are a set of magic armour that are rewards from the Mage Training Arena minigame. Each piece of the robes can be obtained from the Rewards Guardian on the top floor of the arena in exchange for Pizazz points. Infinity robes require 55 Defence and 50 Magic to wear. The Infinity robes set at the Grand Exchange currently sells for 23,527,912 coins. To buy full Infinity Robes with Pizazz points requires 1,695 alchemist, 1,495 graveyard, 1,495 telekinetic, and 14,700 enchanting points.

Since they are very hard to obtain and their cost is in the millions, most people use Batwing robesMystic armour, Splitbark armour, Skeletal armour, or Lunar armour instead. Because there are several types of armour that provide better stats, but are much cheaper, players generally wear Infinity robes as a sign of wealth, accomplishment, or just for pure cosmetic looks.

The full set can be stored in a magic wardrobe in the costume room of a player-owned house.

Components and bonusesEdit

Main-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Infinity robes equipped (female)
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Infinity hatInfinity hat - - - - - - 196 0 0 - - -
Infinity topInfinity top - - - - - - 226 0 0 - - -
Infinity bottomsInfinity bottoms - - - - - - 216 0 0 - - -
Infinity bootsInfinity boots - - - - - - 49 0 0 - - -
Infinity glovesInfinity gloves - - - - - - 49 0 0 - - -
Totals - - - - - - 736 0 0 - - -


Infinity robes Grand Exchange cost
Infinity hatInfinity hat6,883,911 [view]
Infinity topInfinity top6,408,751 [view]
Infinity bottomsInfinity bottoms6,971,006 [view]
Infinity glovesInfinity gloves1,319,537 [view]
Infinity bootsInfinity boots181,962 [view]
Total price21,765,167
[view] [talk]


It is possible to change the colour of the infinity robes. To re-colour a piece, the player must have a rune guardian following them, and then use the piece on one of the elemental altars. It is also possible to combine infinity robes with a dragonbone upgrade kit.

To remove the elemental colouring from the infinity robes, the player must use it on their rune guardian. The player does not have to return to the altar at which it was coloured.

Variant Recolour method
Dragonbone mage top Dragonbone mage robes Dragonbone upgrade kit
Infinity top (Air) Infinity robes (Air) Air Altar
Infinity top (Earth) Infinity robes (Earth) Earth Altar
Infinity top (Fire) Infinity robes (Fire) Fire Altar
Infinity top (Water) Infinity robes (Water) Water Altar


  • On 6 March 2012, the Infinity robes, along with many other armours and robes, received a graphical rework.
  • It is possible to have a different colour for each part of the set (e.g. have a hat aligned to air, body aligned to water and bottom aligned to fire).

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