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Infinity gloves detail

The Infinity gloves are magic armour from the infinity robes set worn in the hand slot. 50 Magic and 55 Defence is required to wear the infinity gloves. The infinity gloves can be obtained as a reward in the Mage Training Arena minigame by giving the Rewards Guardian 175 telekinetic, 225 alchemist, 1500 enchantment, and 175 graveyard pizazz points.

Unlike the robes, Infinity gloves and boots cannot be coloured at an elemental altar.

A dragonbone upgrade kit could be combined with infinity gloves to make a pair of dragonbone mage gloves. This is a cosmetic enhancement and does not change the stats in any way.

Combat Stats
RequirementsInfinity robes equipped
55 Defence-icon
Magic MagicGloves slot
55Tank armour
AttributesDamage reduction
Defence-iconArmour49PvM: 1.1%PvP: 0%
Constitution-iconLife points0Style bonuses


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