Catching an imp barehanded

A player attempts to catch a gourmet impling.

Impling netting requires 17 Hunter and is quite similar to butterfly netting. However, players are hunting implings and therefore require a jar treated with impling repellent. The repellent is made by crushing 8 cooked anchovies with a pestle and mortar, pouring them into a vial through a sieve, mixing it with flowers such as Rosemary or Marigold, then refining it at the Rimmington lamp oil distillery.


With the Impetuous Impulses improvement on 22 February 2010, it is possible to catch implings found in Gielinor barehanded, as long as the player has the required hunter level. The player will be awarded more experience points and will loot the impling directly. High agility gives the player a higher chance of success of catching the impling. This cannot be done within Puro-Puro.

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