Catching an imp barehanded

A player attempts to catch a gourmet impling

Impling netting is the method used to catch implings. It requires 17 Hunter and is quite similar to butterfly netting. In Puro-Puro, a butterfly net and empty impling jars are required to catch implings; the magic butterfly net and higher Hunter and Agility levels will increase chances of success.

Imp repellent may also be carried to prevent implings from pickpocketing you and freeing any implings caught in jars in your inventory.

Barehanded catchingEdit

With the Impetuous Impulses improvement on 22 February 2010, it is possible to catch implings found in Gielinor barehanded, as long as the player has the required Hunter level. The player will be awarded more experience points and will loot the impling directly. Higher Agility gives the player a higher chance of success of catching the impling.

Types of implingsEdit

Impling XP in
XP in
17 Baby impling Baby impling 20 25
22 Young impling Young impling 48 65
28 Gourmet impling Gourmet impling 82 113
36 Earth impling Earth impling 126 177
42 Essence impling Essence impling 160 225
50 Eclectic impling Eclectic impling 205 289
54 Spirit impling Spirit impling 227 321
58 Nature impling Nature impling 250 353
65 Magpie impling Magpie impling 289 409
74 Ninja impling Ninja impling 339 481
76 Pirate impling Pirate impling[1] 350 497
79 Divine impling Divine impling 375 520
83 Dragon impling Dragon impling 390 553
87 Zombie impling Zombie impling 412 585
91 Kingly impling Kingly impling 434 617
95 Crystal impling Crystal impling 525 820
  1. ^ The pirate impling can only be caught after completing Rocking Out.