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Impling jar detail

An impling jar is a specially treated butterfly jar. These specially treated jars are used to catch implings in the minigame Impetuous Impulses and all over RuneScape. The Impling jar (2009 Easter event) was used to catch the easter implings in Splitting Heirs.

Impling jars cannot be used to catch butterflies.

How to get an impling jarEdit

There are currently eight ways to get impling jars.

The jar can break if you try to open it but having a higher Strength level reduces the risk of this.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Elnock's Backup Supply1Coins 1Coins 10Yes


Implings that can be captured include:

Impling Jar Hunter Level GE Price
Baby impling jarBaby impling 17 705
Young impling jarYoung impling 22 544
Gourmet impling jarGourmet impling 28 839
Earth impling jarEarth impling 36 1,076
Essence impling jarEssence impling 42 1,282
Eclectic impling jarEclectic impling 50 1,403
Spirit impling jarSpirit impling 54 5,881
Nature impling jarNature impling 58 2,312
Magpie impling jarMagpie impling 65 16,503
Ninja impling jarNinja impling 74 26,186
Pirate impling jarPirate impling 76 7,158
Divine impling jarDivine impling 79 54,160
Dragon impling jarDragon impling 83 142,882
Zombie impling jarZombie impling 87 21,139
Kingly impling jarKingly impling 91 224,306
Crystal impling jarCrystal impling 95 758,542


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