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Imphide detail

Imphides are obtained as a 100% drop from imps, which can be found roaming around RuneScape. They can be used to craft imphide robes, the imphide book, imphide wand, and imphide shield. Collecting imphide can be an easy way for players to make money, as imps are extremely easy to kill, and are found almost everywhere. Some places spawn many imps, such as the Crandor resource dungeon.

Dropping monsters Edit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Imp herald981Always
New Varrock guard 56; 902Rare
New Varrock guard captain1041Uncommon
Zombie (New Varrock)12Rare

Imphide itemsEdit

Imphide can be made into Imphide robes, if the player has a needle, thread and the appropriate Crafting level.

Level Item Experience Imphide required GE Price
10 Imphide gloves 10 1 193 coins (update)
11 Imphide boots 10 1 177 coins (update)
12 Imphide hood 20 2 414 coins (update)
13 Imphide robe bottom 20 2 664 coins (update)
14 Imphide robe top 30 3 886 coins (update)
15 Imphide book 30 3 551 coins (update)
16 Imp horn wand 30 3 749 coins (update)
17 Imphide shield 40 4 130 coins (update)


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