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Illuminated Book of Law detail

Illuminated god books are the upgraded version of completed god books from the quest Horror from the Deep.

Creating an illuminated god book changes the appearance of the book, and also preserves the original book. If lost, the illuminated book can be re-obtained from bookcase in a player-owned house at a cost of 120,000 coins. Players cannot own more than one copy of the same illuminated god book at once.

God books and illuminated god books have a passive effect that activates in combat, with the effect dependent on the book. This effect needs to be charged and is done by using the corresponding torn page on an illuminated god book - each page adds 45 minutes charge and can be activated and deactivated like scrimshaw. The effects are identical to the non-illuminated version of the book. However, if the player loses the book, it will lose all its remaining charges, requiring the player to add additional pages in order to activate the passive effect. A newly created illuminated god book will have no charges, regardless of the status of the book used to create it.

Creating an illuminated god bookEdit

Making an illuminated god book requires the completion of One Piercing Note as well as 60 Crafting and Prayer. To make an illuminated god book, go to the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede and use a completed god book on the Book-making table in the room most south of Abbess Benita. Completing each illuminated god book for the first time awards 10,000 Crafting and Prayer experience.

Each of the four steps in copying the book requires 200–250 Prayer points, with each successive step requiring fewer Prayer points. Therefore, having 80 Prayer makes the process of creating illuminated god books faster and easier.

These steps must be done in order, otherwise you will have to start over.

  1. Copy text
  2. Embellish initial capitals
  3. Add colour
  4. Add gold leaf

If player runs out of Prayer points required to finish a step, there is an altar in the oratory at the east end of the abbey to recharge Prayer. This allows the player to make multiple books without having to leave the abbey. It is possible to do the last step without having 200 Prayer points remaining. Overall, if a Prayer renewal potion is used, you can keep creating "sections" of the book each time your Prayer points reach 210.

Cosmetic overridesEdit

Since 21 August 2017 completing illuminated god books unlock cosmetic overrides for them. Each completed god book unlocks the respective recolour option, and once all have been unlocked, ten further recolours become available along with the optional use of prismatic dyes.

There are two override variants for illuminated god books: Illuminated God Book (Magic Off-hand) and Illuminated God Book (Shield).


 ItemTypeMain-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Illuminated Book of WisdomIlluminated Book of WisdomZero weakness icon Nothing - - - - - - 0 0 4 7 7 7
Illuminated Book of ChaosIlluminated Book of ChaosZero weakness icon Nothing - - - - - - 0 0 4 7 7 7
Illuminated Book of BalanceIlluminated Book of BalanceZero weakness icon Nothing - - - - - - 0 0 4 7 7 7
Illuminated Book of LawIlluminated Book of LawZero weakness icon Nothing - - - - - - 0 0 4 7 7 7
Illuminated Book of WarIlluminated Book of WarZero weakness icon Nothing - - - - - - 0 0 4 7 7 7
Illuminated Ancient BookIlluminated Ancient BookZero weakness icon Nothing - - - - - - 0 0 4 7 7 7


Messages when book-makingEdit

Example using Holy Book:

Use Holy Book on Book-making table

  • You begin copying the Holy Book.
  • You put some fresh sheets of vellum on the stand and begin copying the manuscript.

Select 1 Copy text

  • You neatly copy the text of the book.

Select 2 Embellish initial capitals.

  • You embellish the initial capitals.

Select 3 Add colour

  • You add colour to the initial capitals.

Select 4 Add gold leaf

  • You add gold leaf to the initial capitals.
  • Illuminating a Holy Book for the first time makes you feel closer to Saradomin, and you learn more about crafting techniques.
  • You gain 10,000 Prayer XP and 10,000 Crafting XP.
  • You take the completed book.

Messages if book-making out of order or repeating step (or out of prayer points)

  • You begin copying but realise that you have already copied the text. You spoil the copy and will need to start again.
  • You put the initial capitals in the wrong places, ruining the manuscript.
  • You put colour in the wrong place, ruining the manuscript.
  • You put gold leaf in the wrong place, ruining the manuscript.

Message if using book when another book previously started

  • You already have an unfinished manuscript on the stand.

Message if starting without using book

  • You need to use a completed prayer book on the stand to begin copying.

Message if '1 Copy Text' with no or not enough prayer points

  • Your mind wanders and you make a mistake copying the text. You will need to start again.


  • The god books are written by the followers of the gods, and are not official dictates by the gods themselves.[1]
  • The Crafting and Prayer experience received is considered reward experience and is therefore unaffected by experience-boosting sets.


  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Osborne's Twitter account. 9 October 2013. Mod Osborne: "They were transcribed by followers based on the gods as they were ages ago. I'd say that makes them inaccurate with some truth."

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