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Ikis Krum
Ikus Krum
Release date 1 September 2010 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Falador
Sells items No
Gender Male
  • One of RuneScape's many citizens.
  • One of RuneScape's many citizens, frozen in time.
Ikus Krum chathead

Ikis Krum is a grumpy citizen of Falador living near the Party Room. He was originally an attackable man, but has since been changed. He can, however, still be pick-pocketed and the option is still there on free-to-play servers, though it says "You must go to a member's server to do that".

He is featured in a Court case, suing Party Pete for noise limit evasions, but in truth, he is getting revenge on Pete because the woman he loves likes Pete.


  • His name is a reference to the show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, where two of the main characters are named Ickis and Krumm.

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