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Icicle is a trap that Nex attacks with in the Nex: Angel of Death fight after Glacies has been killed and Nex reaches around 1,800,800 life points.

Nex will select a random amount of players (this increases when there are more players fighting her), and trap them with this icicle. The icicle covers a 5x5 range upon appearing, damaging anyone apart from the targeted player who is in this range.

Using Freedom before the icicle hits will reduce the icicle's health by half. If the icicle is not destroyed in time, upon breaking out of the icicle, the affected players will take a 2,000 bleed for a while, which increases to 3,000 if they're near someone. If the icicle has over 30,000 life points remaining, the player will take 6 bleeds, dropping to 5 bleeds at 20,000+ and 4 bleeds for below 20,000 life points.