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Queen of Snow 2011
Queen of Snow chathead

The ice sprites are a race of humanoids who inhabit the Land of Snow, a plane different from Gielinor. The only known member of this race is the Queen of Snow. Ice Sprites seem to generally have pale blue skin and blue hair, and possess certain powers over cold and water. The son of the Queen of Snow and half Ice Sprite, Jack Frost can be seen displaying these powers during the 2008 Christmas Event, and the Queen herself is charged with bringing snow to RuneScape during Christmas time. Ice Sprites age extremely slowly by human standards. Jack Frost is 44 years old in human years, but has the physical and mental age of a seventeen-year-old boy. As he is also half human, this would imply that Ice Sprites age more than 4 times as slow as humans. The name “Ice Sprite” is revealed by a snow imp during the Christmas event in 2008. The name of this species was unknown in the Christmas event of 2007 where they (without Prince Jack) were also present.

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