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Ice cooler detail

An Ice cooler is a Slayer item used to kill Desert Lizards once their health has been reduced. The player must use the ice cooler on the lizard when it has 10-20 Life Points left, or the ice cooler will be wasted. Noting this possibility of failure, players are advised to bring at least 10 more ice coolers for the sake of preparedness.

Ice coolers can be bought from any Slayer master.

Instead of buying ice coolers, a player can instead buy a one time ice shaker from a slayer master and add it to the slayer belt. This will mean the player can kill lizards without any extra equipment besides the combat gear, though it will still be necessary to right click on lizards close to death and choose "cool off"

Do note that ice coolers are of one-time use. Using one will consume it, whether it kills the Desert Lizard or not.


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