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Ice amulet was discontinued from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who have it.
Ice amulet
Ice amulet
Release date 16 December 2008 (Update)
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
Value 1 coin
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy During event: You can get another one from the snow imps near Lumbridge, Rimmington or Falador.
After finishing event: You can get another from Diango in Draynor Village.
Store price Not sold
Examine A spikey amulet made of ice crystals. It has been enchanted so it will not melt.
Weight 0 kg
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Ice amulet detail
Snow imp land of snow

A snow imp being summoned in the Land of Snow

The Ice amulet was a reward from the 2008 Christmas event. Players could acquire this item by speaking to the Head snow imp. The amulet was used to call snow imps which were used to help a player locate Jack Frost. To do this, a player operated the amulet while wearing it.

This did not work if the player had a pet or a Summoning familiar nearby, as the snow imp used the follower slot. There was also a small glitch to get multiple ice amulets, by taking hot air balloons from the Enlightened Journey quest to the Crafting Guild and Castle Wars.

As with all untradeable holiday items, if the amulet is lost, a player can receive another one by talking to Diango in Draynor Village. The ice amulet can be stored in a toy box in the Costume Room of a player-owned house.

Combat StatsIce amulet equipped

A player wearing an ice amulet

Skill requirements
NoneNeck slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses

15 Days of ChristmasEdit

During the 15 Days of Christmas in 2013, this item, along with other Christmas-themed equipment, were given the Hybrid style of combat, and stats that scaled with the player's levels. This was so players could use these items in combat to assist in hunting for festive crackers during the event.


  • When players tried to operate the amulet near places with ice upon the ground, a message would appear: You feel that this isn't the place to have a familiar or pet out. They might slip.
  • Previously, if a player attempted to cast High or Low Level Alchemy on the item, a message would appear, which reads: You cannot cast alchemy upon your follower! Currently, attempting to do so instead gives the message: This has been enchanted, so it cannot melt.
  • After the event, if players attempted to operate the amulet, they would get the message: (Snow Imp's Name) has gone back to the Land of Snow and can no longer answer your calls. This has since been changed to say You cannot summon (Imp's Name) outside of the Land of Snow. If the player is in the Land of Snow featured in the 2008 Christmas event and Myths of the White Lands, while on snow they can summon their imp from the event if they are wearing the ice amulet.
  • In the 2009 Christmas event, when you first operate your Ice Amulet in the Land of Snow, you receive the message: "You attempt to summon (Imp's name), but he doesn't respond. Perhaps he is already close at hand."
  • In the 2009 Christmas event, players can only summon the Snow Imp in the Land of Snow. This is because, according to the Snow Imp, the wardrobe that teleported players to the Land of Snow is imp-proof.
  • During the 2010 Christmas event's Heimland Games, players could not summon their imp even though they were in the right place to do so.
  • The ice amulet counts as a pet, and cannot be taken to areas where pets are not allowed in the inventory, such as underwater. A duel also cannot be initiated if a player is carrying an ice amulet.

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