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This article is about the familiar. For other uses, see Ibis (disambiguation).
Ibis chathead

The Ibis is a summoning familiar which requires level 56 Summoning to use. Although the Ibis does not aid in combat, it assists a player with an invisible Fishing boost of 3 levels.

Note: As with any invisible boost, it does not grant abilities above the player's level (e.g., the ability to catch new kinds of fish). It does, however, increase the success rate of catching fish.

While the player is fishing, the Ibis will forage tuna and swordfish. The Ibis produces fish when the player fishes at any fishing spot, and can hold up to 30 fish. However, this is very unlikely without renewing it a few times. Each time the Ibis catches a swordfish, you gain 10 Fishing experience. This is unaffected by the use of swordfish gloves or the sacred clay harpoon. Players do not gain Fishing experience each time the Ibis forages a tuna.

While practicing barbarian fishing with a barbarian rod or net fishing inside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, the Ibis tends to only produce swordfish. This also occurs while fishing in Shilo Village, Living Rock Caverns, Barbarian Village and on Jatizso.

Ibis pouchEdit


An ibis pouch is created by using an summoning obelisk with an empty pouch, 109 spirit shards, a green charm and a normal harpoon in the player's inventory.

Gerrant in Port Sarim sells 1000 Harpoons at 45 gp each and is right next to the Port Sarim lodestone, as an alternative to buying them on the Grand Exchange.

A barb-tail harpoon does not work in creating this familiar. If players exchange their ibis pouches with Bogrog, they will receive 77 spirit shards per pouch.

Fish rain scrollEdit

Fish Rain

A player activating the Fish Rain special move.


Fish rain is the special move of the ibis, used with a Fish rain scroll. The special move makes fish (raw shrimp, bass, cod, and mackerel) fall out of the sky. Fish Rain can be activated by having a Fish rain scroll in the player's inventory. Using the scroll costs 12 special points. It can be used 5 times before the player will have to wait for the special to raise. If cast in a player owned house it will not generate fish.



  • The ibis's examine text, "I wonder if it uses the 'Crane' technique," is a reference to the Crane style of many martial arts. Many birds that look like the ibis are sometimes referred to as 'Crane birds' because of their long necks and beaks, which could be another reason for its examine text.

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