For the non-player character, see Ian.
Jagex moderator crown Ian Gower
Ian Gower
Nationality British
Role Engine Developer
Team Engine Development
Project Old School RuneScape
Employed 2001 ─ 2016

Ian Gower is the brother of Andrew Gower and Paul Gower.[1] He helped create an early version of RuneScape, DeviousMUD, in late 1999.[source needed] He did the graphics and three-dimensional modeling.

In addition, he originally did the conversion for the quests Goblin Diplomacy[2] and Fight Arena.[3] He also developed the Hunter skill, Haunted Mine, Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin generals and Eagles' Peak.

Ian Gower started working on Old School Runescape on 13 October 2014.[4] On 25 October 2016, Ian left the company to work with his brother Andrew at Fen Research after having worked at Jagex for 18 years.[5]


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