Iaia, according to Last riders, was the original world of the infamous Dragon Riders, before they were brought to Gielinor by the god Zaros, whose service they had entered into for the promise of a cure for their race's infertility. Little is known about the realm itself, except that it possessed three moons and no stars in the sky, and consisted partially of marshland. It was also a peaceful world, with there being no 'enemies, threats or lies'.

Besides the Dragon Riders, this was also the homeworld of the gurhs, which acted as the Riders' mounts and companions before the dragons of Gielinor. When the Riders followed Zaros, the gurhs were left behind, with it later being pondered by the last Rider, Hannibus, whether they survived without them [the Riders].

Currently, travel to the realm is limited to beings who have the power to create their own portals between dimensions. Zaros and the white dragon Therragorn are the only two known to have achieved this. Hannibus mentioned that he attempted to use the Fairy Rings, but they did not connect with this land. He also mentioned that attempting to simply teleport there would not work.


  • Iaia was originally known by the placeholder name Lacertium until the name Iaia was decided upon.[1]


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