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Hydrix detail

A Hydrix is a gem made by cutting an uncut hydrix with a chisel at 79 Crafting, giving 197.5 experience. It is used with a gold bar to make hydrix jewellery, currently the most powerful jewellery in the game.

Item Crafting XP Enchanted Profit
Hydrix ring Hydrix ring 79 130 Ring of death -1,236,373
Hydrix necklace Hydrix necklace 90 135 Reaper necklace -323,686
Hydrix bracelet Hydrix bracelet 94 140 Deathtouch bracelet -221,112
Hydrix amulet (unstrung) Hydrix amulet (unstrung) 99 180 Amulet of souls -1,275,132
Hydrix bolt tips 5 36 Hydrix bolt tips 80 (Fletch) 10.6 Ascendri bolts (e) -21,377,041


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  • Prior to 17 August 2015, all enchanted hydrix jewellery degraded to dust. This was changed to them degrading to a broken state instead.
  • Hydrixes and onyxes are the only gems whose alchemy value decreases after being cut.

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