This article is about the item. For the spell, see Hunter Kit (spell).
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Hunter kit detail

A Hunter kit is an item that is produced from casting the Lunar Magics spell, Hunter kit. It contains 7 items in total:

These items are somewhat useful for beginning hunters, but have very limited uses for experienced hunters due to the role of them in the skill.

It is currently possible to make a profit from opening hunter kits since each kit is worth 4 coins and the box trap is worth 592, while the rest of the items are worth a few coins. This is not a fast way of making money, but would be considered good for starting players if they can buy the kits.

Using the hunter kit spell was once a very good way of cheaply gaining magic experience. However, their decline in value has rendered this method of training less efficient than more common methods of magic training such as alchemy.

Total value of componentsEdit

The total GE value of the components is 766. However the GE mid price may under- or over-represent the sale value on the GE, especially since the advent of invention.


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  • In a hidden update, the high alchemy value of hunter kits was changed from 127 coins to 0 coins.
  • Players used to only be allowed to have one hunter kit in their inventory, but an update on 27 May 2010 allowed players to have multiple. The same update also made them tradeable.
  • It is one of the few tradeable items with a destroy option, and thus one of very few destroy items that can be noted, allowing it to be dropped.

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