Larupia hunter gear set equipped

Hunter gear is equipment designed to increase the player's chance at successfully catching prey using the Hunter skill.

While wearing unique sets of equipment in specific Hunter areas around Gielinor players will benefit from their camouflage properties, increasing their chances at successfully catching prey. For example, Kyatt hunter gear increases the players chance to trap prey in the Rellekka Hunter area.


Hunter Level Name Notes
1 Polar camouflage gear Effective at polar hunting grounds.
1 Wood camouflage gear Effective at woodland hunting grounds.
4 Jungle camouflage gear Effective at jungle hunting grounds.
10 Desert camouflage gear Effective at desert hunting grounds.
28 Larupia hunter gear Effective at woodland and jungle hunting grounds.
38 Graahk hunter gear Effective at desert hunting grounds.
52 Kyatt hunter gear Effective at polar hunting grounds.
70 Witchdoctor camouflage gear Effective at Herblore Habitat.

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