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Huge lava lantern is a Treasure Hunter reward that may not be currently obtainable via Treasure Hunter.
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Huge lava lantern detail

The huge lava lantern is an item that was obtainable via Treasure Hunter as part of the Lava Lanterns promotion in May 2016 and July 2016. It can be released for both regular experience and bonus experience at the same time. It can be used on any skill that a huge XP lamp can be used on and gives 200% of the experience that the lamp would give, split equally between experience and bonus experience.

Release historyEdit

Lava Lanterns (edit)
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
27 February 2018 2nd Chance Tuesday
31 January 2018 5 February 2018 Lava Lanterns (January 2018)
30 August 2017 4 September 2017 Lava Lanterns (August 2017)
27 June 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
26 April 2017 1 May 2017 Lava Lanterns (April 2017)
14 March 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
2 February 2017 6 February 2017 Lava Lanterns
25 October 2016 2nd Chance Tuesday
5 July 2016 2nd Chance Tuesday
26 May 2016 30 May 2016 Treasure Hunter - Lava Lanterns


  • Initially all lava lanterns gave 150% of the experience that the respective lamps give. This was increased to 200% on 30 August 2017.