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HTML5 is the fifth revision of the Hyper Text Markup Language and will be integrated along with Java in the upcoming updates for RuneScape 3. The implementation of HTML5 is promised to make the game run faster and with better graphics.[1] It will also allow for RuneScape to be playable on mobile devices and tablets.[2]

Java versus HTML5 full

Differences between Java only and Java with HTML5


On 17 April 2013 the Beta of RuneScape 3 was opened up for a select group of players. It initially had a NDA attached to it, but that was lifted very soon afterwards. Improved graphics such as further render distance can already be observed in this beta.


Main article: RuneScape Bestiary

On 18 February 2013, Jagex released the RuneScape Bestiary on their website. It provided the first look to users on how HTML5 would provide a new system for how graphics worked. Players who had Google Chrome (the only major browser that would run the bestiary properly) were able to view 3D models from a large library of NPCs that was displayed with the markup language.

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