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Horses are an equine animal in RuneScape that are not seen in-game. Some of the modern-day inhabitants of Gielinor consider them mythical creatures, however, there are many references to horses both in the game, in website lores, and in the novel Return to Canifis. Horses are not the same as hornless unicorns, which were hunted to extinction a few years prior to the Sixth Age.[1]

In-game mentionsEdit

  • Toy horsies, which were part of an April Fools' joke in 2004. Many players had requested horses for RuneScape, and the update poked fun at them
  • A painted kiteshield and banner with a horse crest on it. Players must have a toy horsey in their inventory.
  • If players travel Shilo Village and Brimhaven using the Shilo Village cart system (without the quick-travel option), you will get a message saying: "You jump into the cart and the driver urges the horses on. You take a taxing journey through the jungle to Brimhaven/Shilo Village." Even though horses are mentioned, they are never seen.
  • In Horvik's shop, there are horseshoes on his wall. When examined, they say "these would make fine shoes".
  • The Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne.
  • When summoning the fairy dragon K'klik, you may choose to ask him for a horse to which he replies that there are no horses in RuneScape.
  • The half-man, half-horse centaurs, and their examine information: "Horseplay".
  • Unicorns, the horse-like creatures that are common in RuneScape, though mythical in the real world. The examine text for a Unicorn is in fact "Horse with a horn." Unicorn foals' examine text is "Horned Horsey.".
  • One of the Home Teleport animations sold in Solomon's General Store features a Pegasus mount for the player.
  • Char's lore story, Twice Burnt, mentions that she tended to horses as ordered by Zamorak before being kidnapped by Fremenniks, suggesting that there may have been horses before; presumably wiped out by the God Wars.
  • In Worth Comes in Battle, horses are directly mentioned as the method of transportation for Ariane, Ozan and The Raptor.
  • There used to be horses in Gielinor but they are extinct. This has been confirmed in a podcast.
  • In the quest Fairy Tale III, Gromblod mention that "der horsey man and der tree thingy" won't tell him where the mangos are.
  • There is a rocking horse in the Mysterious Old Man's basement, previously from a random event.
  • The stained glass window of Iriandul Caistlyn at Paterdomus depicts him on horseback.
  • The examine text of the mine cart in The Empty Throne Room mentions the cart's former name of Mine Horses, named after the mythical beasts of burden.


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