This article is about the hunter creature. For other uses, see Graahk.
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Horned graahk
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Hunter level 41
Experience 240
Location Karamja
Trap Pitfall
Retaliation Yes (maximum 64 life points)
Loot Big bones and either tatty graahk fur or graahk fur
Examine Get in a graahk's way and you're going to know about it... however briefly.

Horned graahks are creatures that resemble large, spiked boars that can be trapped using the Hunter skill at level 41. They have a combat level of 50, but can't be attacked. They will however become aggressive once teased by a player, and retaliate, easily causing over 300 life points of damage very quickly, so bringing high-healing food is advised when hunting them for longer periods.

They are caught by using a teasing stick to provoke them and then by luring them over pitfall traps. The pitfall traps are made using a set of logs and a knife on the numerous pitfalls in the surrounding area. There are multiple dead trees in the area which can be cut to obtain the logs.The collected graahk fur can be used to make graahk hunter gear and spirit graahk Summoning pouches.


Karamja Hunter area map

Location on the map where Horned Graahk are

The horned graahk can only be found in the Karamja hunter area, north of Cairn Isle and north-west of Shilo Village. They are in a remote location by the beach, surrounded by Karamjan monkeys. This area can be easily reached by using the fairy ring coordinates CKR and then walking west, or by running south of Brimhaven and Tai Bwo Wannai Village after using the lodestone network. Another method of reaching them is by paying Hajedy in Brimhaven 10 coins to transport the player to Shilo Village, and then traveling west, although this requires completion of the Shilo Village quest.


  • It is possible to jump across a trap at the same time a horned graahk is crossing (or jumping over) a trap.
  • More often than not, a horned graahk will suddenly lose interest in the player it is chasing, giving a player the message; "Someone else is being chased by that." even if no one else is around or teasing it. This happens fairly often and isn't exclusive to just the horned graahk, as both the spined larupia and sabre-toothed kyatt have the same reoccurring issue.
  • There is a graphical glitch that causes horned graahk to respawn with the spikes from a pitfall trap underneath it, showing even while it walks around. They eventually diminish after several minutes. This problem also occurs with the sabre-toothed kyatt and has yet to be fixed.
  • A continuation of this glitch can also happen if a player jumps back over a spiked pit after jumping over it once (to lure the prey) right as the graahk is about to fall in. The beast will appear on the other side and walk over the pit without falling in or jumping over it, and will have spikes showing up around it.


  • The ratio of getting normal or 'perfect' fur to tatty fur from a horned graahk is based on one's Hunter level.
  • Horned graahk are apparently weak to crush, which can be seen if the combat tab is opened while one is being attacked by this creature.