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This article is about the drunk involved in the Biohazard quest. For the ingredient used in ale making, see hops.
Hops chathead

Hops is an alcoholic assistant to the Rimmington Chemist, and is one of three henchmen you use in Biohazard to deliver the dangerous Sulphuric Broline to Varrock.

He can be found in Rimmington wandering around the small camp north of the chemist's house with Da Vinci and Chancy drinking a bottle of beer. In Varrock you can find him swaying around at the Dancing Donkey Inn having yet another beer.


  • His name is a reference to the real world substance used to brew beer, a play on the fact that he always seems to be drunk.
  • He and his two other partners' names are puns that give a hint as to what they do. (i.e. Hops is a Drunk, hops is the item used in brewing alcohol, Chancy is a gambler, chances are taken in gambling, and finally, Da Vinci is an artistic person who was named after the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci).
  • If you talk to him on a non member world he will say "Hops don't wanna talk now. Try different world HIC!"
    • If you talk to him after completing Biohazard you will get a message in your chatbox saying "Hops doesn't feel like talking."

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