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Hook-a-Duck was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Beach PartySpring Fayre
Hook-a-Duck (Summer Beach Party)
Release date 15 August 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Examine Try and catch yourself a duck. Gives Hunter XP.
Hook-a-Duck (1 token)
Hook-a-Duck (Spring Fayre)
Release date 24 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Examine Try and catch yourself a duck. Gives Hunter XP. (1 token)

The Hook-a-Duck was an activity at the Lumbridge Crater during Summer Beach Party and Spring Fayre where players could gain Hunter experience.

In it the player must choose from three types of rod to use. The experience gained scales by the player's level in Hunter. The choice of rod had the following effects.

Rod Experience Success rate
Light weight Average Average
Fast action High Low
Magnetic Low High

If the "play" option was selected on the stall, an interface opened where the rod selection can be made. The stall could also be right-clicked to quickly start catching with any of the rods. After the rod was selected, the player attempted to catch a duck for a maximum of 10 times per interaction. Each attempt could cause either experience being gained, the duck slipping away (The duck just slips away. So close.), or the duck being missed (The duck was no where near your rod, maybe next time.).

Summer Beach PartyEdit

During the Summer Beach Party it was run by Sarah.

At level 99 Hunter, catching a duck successfully with the light weight rod yielded 234 Hunter experience. Fast action rod yielded 5/3 times that (390 Hunter experience), and magnetic rod 5/7 times that (167.1 Hunter experience). An attempt took 3 seconds. Each successful attempt caused the temperature to rise by 1/3 %, so 300 successful attempts could be made before reaching 100% temperature, regardless of the rod used. Failed attempts did not cause the temperature to rise. The following table shows some typical values for Hook a Duck at level 99 Hunter, assuming maximum efficiency with restarting the activity.

Rod Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Light weight 70,200 30 minutes 9
Fast action 117,000 48 minutes 12
Magnetic 50,130 21.7 minutes 14

Spring FayreEdit

A fayre attraction token was required to play, and each successful action costed one.

At level 99 Hunter, catching a duck successfully with the light weight rod yielded 401.8 Hunter experience (441.9 during a Happy Hour). Fast action rod yields 5/3 times that (669.6 Hunter experience, or 736.5 during a Happy Hour), and magnetic rod 5/7 times that (287 Hunter experience, or 315.7 during a Happy Hour). An attempt took 3 seconds.

A successful attempt had around 25% chance to reward six fayre prize tickets (one during a Happy Hour). Around 50% of the attempts were successful with the light weight rod, 25% with the Fast action rod and 75% with the magnetic rod.

During a Happy Hour, around 1,200 attempts could be made resulting in 150, 75, or 225 tickets with the light weight, Fast action, or magnetic rod, respectively.

There was a warning about gaining experience before starting to play that could be toggled off permanently.

Attempting to play at the stall without enough fayre attraction tokens prompted the messages:

  • You do not have enough fayre tokens to play this game. You need 1 token.
  • You can get more fayre tokens and tickets from the stall by the Bucking Baroo.

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