Release date 19 February 2007 (Update)
Race Alchemised Being
Members Yes
Quest NPC Tower of Life
Location(s) Tower of Life south of East Ardougne
Sells items No
Gender None
Examine It doesn't look very happy.
Is it male or female?
Homunculus chathead

The Homunculus is a creature brought to life during the Tower of Life quest. It was created by three alchemists, Effigy, Currency and Transmute, in the Tower of Life. It was in a great deal of pain, begging its creators to let it go, but they refused, making belittling comments and demanding it be quiet. It broke free from its cage, scaring off the alchemists. It lingered in confusion, being unable to comprehend both magic and logic. An adventurer who had aided the alchemists helped it decide between the disciplines, allowing it to make sense of the world. It scared off the alchemists and took possession of the Tower, using its knowledge to run the Creature Creation facility.

When later contacted via NPC Contact, it tells the adventurer of the alchemists' attempt to reclaim the tower. The Homunculus used the Tower's powers to defeat them, transforming two of them into a unihuman and a chickalchemist.[1]


  • The term 'Homunculus' is Latin and essentially means 'little man', which is ironic as it is neither little, being larger than the player, nor a man. Homunculus is also a term in the actual proto-science of Alchemy, when people tried to make clones that couldn't feel pain.


  1. ^ Homunculus, "NPC Contact", RuneScape. "Alchemists return the other day. Me turn them into animals.[...]Yeah, me made a uniman and a chickalchemist!"