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Hollow Tree
Hollow tree
Members Yes
82.5 or 357.7
Logs Bark (927 coins)
Cannot be grown
Examine It's hollow...
This tree has been cut down.

Hollow trees are members-only trees that grow in the Haunted Woods and the Hollows area of Morytania, east of Canifis. Woodcutting level 45 is required to cut them. When chopped, hollow trees will either give 82.5 experience, or bark and 357.7 experience, granting 9.74 or 42.21 equipment experience respectively. The former is much more common.

Chopping hollow tree

A player chopping a hollow tree.

Bark is one of the materials used by Wizard Jalarast in the Wizards' Tower to make splitbark equipment.

Cutting them can be somewhat dangerous for low leveled players, due to the leeches and feral vampyres nearby, there aren't any vampires in the grove nearest to Canifis, close to the entrance to the werewolf agility course and skullball course.

They can also be used to light torches to gain 100 Firemaking experience. When you light the bark in the torches you regain 10 prayer points.

While cutting these with the inferno adze, the player might find themselves getting 100 firemaking experience on unsuccessful attempts. It is not known if this is intended or not.

Finding hollow treesEdit

A fairly-safe, usually-uninhabited grove of hollow trees can be found south-east of the Canifis lodestone.

Since the Branches of Darkmeyer update, hollow trees can be also found south of Port Phasmatys, without any monsters or torches.

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