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This article is about the Summoning familiars in Dungeoneering. For the Hoardstalker NPC in the Sinkholes Distraction & Diversion, see Gorajo hoardstalker.
For the outfit obtained from the Sinkholes Distraction & Diversion, see Hoardstalker outfit.

Hoardstalker is a Gorajo Summoning familiar that can be summoned in the Daemonheim in Dungeoneering. There are ten tiers of hoardstalkers, from lowest to highest:


Using this scroll grants a temporary invisible boost to all your non-combat skills.


Hoardstalkers appear to forage for items which can be gained using normal skills, such as mining, hunting, fishing, farming etc. This includes ores, branches, hides, textiles, herbs and raw fish, though more may be gathered.

Hoardstalkers forage up to and including their tier. A tier 6 will find tiers 1-6 whereas a tier 1 will only find tier 1 items. How the discrimination with herbs is done is currently unknown. It is also unknown if the materials gathered are dependent upon one's own skills.


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