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Hitsplat is a term used to refer to the damage icon appearing above a player, an NPC, or a monster, while in combat. A hitsplat usually results in a change of life points. Most hitsplats have a number in the centre, which determines the number of life points that you have either lost or gained. Depending on how large the number is, the width of a splat is variable. However, before the update there were only two versions of each splat, one for numbers three digits or higher, and one for smaller hits. Most hits use the Arial font, while a player's maxed hit uses a special font to put emphasis on it.

Types of hitsplatsEdit

Golden hit

A golden hit, which is used to represent a critical hit in Legacy Mode.

The colour of the hitsplat usually gives an indication of the type of damage and the number inside the amount of damage dealt. Hitsplat depicts the magnitude effect of an attack; however, a block or miss will always induce a 0, but the randomization result is never shown.

Image Style Description Members only?
Auto-attack melee hitsplat

Auto-attack ranged hitsplat
Auto-attack magic hitsplat

White Damage caused by regular attacks (automated) of all classes No
Melee ability hitsplat

Ranged ability hitsplat
Magic ability hitsplat

Combat classes' icons
+ Red background (default option)
Damage caused by performing abilities. The default red background can be changed to either Blue, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Brown, or Legacy (EoC Numbers) for each of the attack styles for self in the Miscellaneous Settings section of Gameplay settings. Additionally, other players' hitsplats can be selected similarly and in addition they can be hidden. No
Critical melee hitsplat

Critical ranged hitsplat
Critical magic hitsplat

Orange/Green/Blue (Bold) Damage caused by critical hits, no matter if it is an ability attack or not. The colour depends on the class the player is using (orange for melee, green for ranged, and blue for magic) No
Deflect hitsplat Deflect icon
+ Red background
Damage caused by the damage deflection of: Yes
Cannon hitsplat Cannon icon
+ Red background
Damage caused by the Dwarf multicannon Yes
Hitsplat Red background (typeless damage) Damage caused by other means, known as typeless damage:
  • Desert heat
  • Failing agility obstacles
  • Puzzles from Dungeoneering
  • Other attacks that do not fit into the 3 combat classes, most often boss special attacks
Blocked hitsplat Blue shield Indication of either a missed or blocked attack No
Absorption hitsplat Shield icon
+ Red background
Poison hitsplat Green background Damage caused by poison, fungal infestation or

nettle stings (doesn't inflict poison):

  • Light background indicates that you're taking/inflicting damage
  • Dark background indicates that someone else is taking/inflicting damage
Healing hitsplat Purple background Recovery of life points (healing) No
Instant kill hitsplat Killing a monster with a deathtouched dart; killing fully healed dragons and metal dragons with dragon trinkets' or metallic dragon trinkets' special effect.

Special attacks dealt on the player which apply through most protective mechanics, dealing 32768 damage, including Telos, the Warden, Vorago, Nex: Angel of Death, and Yakamaru.

Uber heal hitsplat Recovery of at least 32768 life points (healing), currently possible on bosses due to Calorie bombs.
Kalphite King healing the damage dealt from its 32768 damage special attack.

Historical hitsplatsEdit

Name Images Description Members only?
Disease Disease hitsplat old1Disease hitsplat old2

Disease hitsplat old3 Disease hitsplat

Damage caused by disease, which lowers the skill levels of the player. Removed with the Evolution of Combat update. Yes
Polypore creatures Fungus hitsplat Being in melee distance to a monster in the polypore dungeon without spraying neem oil. Removed with the Legacy update. Yes
Fear hitsplat Indigo background Fear damage induced by ghosts during the 2014 Hallowe'en event No

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