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You have been warned!
Jingle that warns before entering a high risk world or, previously, a bounty or PvP world.

High Risk Wilderness Worlds (currently world N/A) are worlds that were added to the game with the Free Trade and Wilderness update on 1st February 2011. These worlds replaced the now non-existent Bounty worlds (+1) and PvP Worlds. Whilst in the Wilderness on these worlds Protect Item prayer (and Protect Item curse) is inactive and if you die you will lose your items. Going onto these worlds can be a risky, but good way to make money if you have got a high Combat Level with good armour and weapons; it is highly recommended that you only take items into the Wilderness that you are prepared to lose! With the Protect Item prayer being disabled in the wilderness caution is to be taken into consideration throughout.

You will always get the items your opponent was wearing, wielding and carrying upon killing them, unless the item(s) was untradeable, in which case will usually turn into a stack of gold coins according to its value. There is currently one High-Risk Wilderness World, this is world 137 for Pay-to-Play (members).


High Risk Wilderness warning

The warning received when choosing a High Risk world

A warning is shown on attempting to log-in to a high risk world from the lobby. This is not seen when using "join" or returning to the world from the lobby. Upon log-in a second warning is shown in the form of a chatbox message.


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