This article is about the Treasure Trails storage units. For grappling shortcut, see Hidey-hole.

Hidey-holes are storage units, introduced on 26 February 2018 in the clue scroll overhaul update. Hidey-holes are used to store emote clue items, saving bank space and bank trips for players who do Treasure Trails frequently.

As of 26 February 2018 there are 58 hidey-holes. There are achievements for building at least 1 hidey-hole, and completing all hidey holes.


The materials and level required to convert these inconspicuous objects into hidey-holes depend on the tier of clue scroll they relate to (boosts can be used). For all tiers, any type of nail will work and protean planks may be substituted for any type of plank. (Costs in the table below assume steel nails are used; cost will vary if using another type.) Protean planks can be used in place of any of the planks below.

Hidey-hole type Construction level Materials Number Cost each Cost for all Experience each Experience for all
Easy 27 4 planks, 10 nails 25 2,868 71,700 500 12,500
Medium 42 4 oak planks, 10 nails 13 2,216 28,808 1,000 13,000
Hard 55 4 teak planks, 10 nails 9 3,408 30,672 1,500 13,500
Master 88 4 mahogany planks, 10 nails, 1 gold leaf 11 139,888 1,538,768 2,500 27,500
Total 100 planks, 52 oak planks, 36 teak planks, 44 mahogany planks, 11 gold leaves, 580 nails 58 1,669,948 66,500

Filling hidey-holes Edit

To fill all hidey-holes, the following items are required:

Item Number Cost each Cost for all
Air tiara 1 655 655
Amulet of strength 1 2,534 2,534
Blue flowers 1 1,606 1,606
Bronze 2h sword 1 946 946
Bronze chainbody 1 678 678
Bronze dagger 1 491 491
Bronze full helm 1 430 430
Bronze hatchet 1 466 466
Bronze platelegs 2 655 1,310
Bronze spear 1 2,013 2,013
Emerald amulet 1 3,510 3,510
Emerald ring 3 2,068 6,204
Gold amulet 1 618 618
Gold necklace 1 602 602
Gold ring 3 572 1,716
Hard leather body 1 529 529
Holy symbol 1 1,133 1,133
Iron boots 1 1,962 1,962
Iron chainbody 2 902 1,804
Iron full helm 1 731 731
Iron helm 1 746 746
Iron kiteshield 1 1,476 1,476
Iron platebody 2 2,063 4,126
Iron platelegs 1 1,051 1,051
Iron plateskirt 1 1,047 1,047
Iron scimitar 1 1,446 1,446
Iron warhammer 1 1,050 1,050
Leather boots 1 191 191
Leather chaps 4 383 1,532
Leather cowl 1 503 503
Leather gloves 4 133 532
Leather vambraces 1 223 223
Mud pie 1 5,465 5,465
Oak shieldbow 1 373 373
Oak shortbow 1 332 332
Polar camo legs 1 10,089 10,089
Polar camo top 1 9,849 9,849
Ruby amulet 1 2,589 2,589
Sapphire amulet 1 1,386 1,386
Sapphire necklace 2 1,268 2,536
Sapphire ring 2 1,141 2,282
Shieldbow 1 486 486
Steel full helm 1 1,076 1,076
Steel hatchet 1 1,043 1,043
Steel helm 1 1,103 1,103
Steel longsword 1 1,913 1,913
Steel mace 1 1,220 1,220
Steel pickaxe 1 2,410 2,410
Steel platebody 1 2,092 2,092
Steel plateskirt 1 1,744 1,744
Studded body 1 1,217 1,217
Studded chaps 2 1,211 2,422
Studded leather coif 3 1,276 3,828
Tiara 1 30 30
Unholy symbol 1 2,494 2,494
Wood camo top 1 1,627 1,627
Yellow flowers 1 1,521 1,521
Item Number Cost each Cost for all
Adamant helm 1 2,069 2,069
Blood'n'tar snelm (pointed) 1 1,209 1,209
Blood'n'tar snelm (round) 1 1,778 1,778
Bronze boots 1 3,625 3,625
Bruise blue snelm (pointed) 1 2,174 2,174
Green dragonhide body 1 3,867 3,867
Green dragonhide chaps 4 2,450 9,800
Hard leather body 1 529 529
Iron 2h sword 1 1,577 1,577
Iron crossbow 1 1,300 1,300
Iron hatchet 1 699 699
Iron pickaxe 1 1,501 1,501
Iron sq shield 1 1,073 1,073
Maple shieldbow 1 335 335
Maple shortbow 1 471 471
Mithril chainbody 1 2,486 2,486
Mithril full helm 1 1,873 1,873
Mithril helm 1 1,623 1,623
Mithril platelegs 1 2,647 2,647
Mithril plateskirt 1 2,315 2,315
Mithril scimitar 1 3,095 3,095
Ring of duelling 1 2,594 2,594
Ring of forging 1 1,834 1,834
Ruby amulet 2 2,589 5,178
Silver sickle 1 419 419
Snakeskin boots 1 3,706 3,706
Snakeskin chaps 1 3,415 3,415
Spiny helmet 1 1,034 1,034
Staff of air 1 2,251 2,251
Steel kiteshield 2 2,356 4,712
Steel platebody 1 2,092 2,092
Steel sq shield 1 1,761 1,761
Item Number Cost each Cost for all
Adamant 2h sword 1 5,714 5,714
Amulet of glory (uncharged) 1 12,320 12,320
Amulet of power 1 3,697 3,697
Blue dragonhide chaps 2 3,826 7,652
Blue dragonhide body 1 4,867 4,867
Blue dragonhide vambraces 3 1,512 4,536
Bronze platelegs 1 655 655
Diamond ring 1 2,333 2,333
Elemental shield 1 7,299 7,299
Fire battlestaff 1 8,236 8,236
Iron pickaxe 1 1,501 1,501
Iron platebody 1 2,063 2,063
Iron sq shield 1 1,073 1,073
Mithril platelegs 1 2,647 2,647
Mud pie 1 5,465 5,465
Ring of life 2 2,688 5,376
Rune full helm 1 19,641 19,641
Rune hatchet 1 7,155 7,155
Rune platebody 1 37,639 37,639
Rune warhammer 1 23,480 23,480
Splitbark helm 1 4,654 4,654
Item Cost
Amulet of magic 1,395
Amulet of ranging 32,408
Ancient staff 148,217
Asylum surgeon's ring 500,000[1]
Berserker ring 141,586
Boater 1,234,089 - 1,471,641
Cape of legends 450
Cavalier 597,385 - 1,127,280
Culinaromancer's gloves 10 100,000
Dagon'hai hat 117,825
Dark bow 71,431
Demon slayer gloves 290,654
Dragon defender Not sold
Dragon mask 640,425 - 985,463
Dragon rider amulet 500,000[1]
Enhanced yaktwee stick Not sold
Fire cape Not sold
Ghostly cloak Not sold
Holy cithara Not sold
Iban's staff Not sold
Imphide hood 817
Infinity boots 436,453
Lab coat legs Not sold
Lab coat top Not sold
Prifddinian musician's robe top Not sold
Prifddinian worker's trousers Not sold
Ring of devotion Not sold
Saradomin's murmur 301,780
Scabaras mask Not sold
Spork 483
Staff of light 1,951,483
Toktz-ket-xil 44,184
  1. ^ a b Reclaim cost

Locations Edit

Easy Edit

Description Items required Type Image
Inside the shed in Lumbridge Swamp Bronze dagger, iron full helm, gold ring Barrel
Hidey-hole Lumbridge Swamp shed
Next to the bridge on the Wizards' Tower island Leather gloves, iron helm, emerald ring Rock
Hidey-hole Wizards' Tower brige
In Draynor Village market Studded chaps, iron kiteshield, steel longsword Barrel
Hidey-hole Draynor Village market
In the Silvarea limestone mine Steel pickaxe, bronze platelegs, steel helm Crate
Hidey-hole Silvarea limestone mine
Outside the Legends' Guild gates Oak shieldbow, iron platelegs, emerald amulet Rock
Hidey-hole Legends' Guild gates
On Mudskipper Point Gold ring, leather chaps, steel mace Rock
Hidey-hole Mudskipper Point
Near the Entrana ferry in Port Sarim Studded leather coif, steel plateskirt, sapphire necklace Crate
Hidey-hole Port Sarim Entrana ferry
South of the Al Kharid scorpion mine Leather gloves, leather boots, polar camo top Rock
Hidey-hole Al Kharid scorpion mine
Next to the Draynor Manor fountain Bronze full helm, studded chaps, iron platebody Tree
Hidey-hole Draynor Manor fountain
Outside the Lumbridge windmill Sapphire necklace, polar camo legs, oak shortbow Bag of feed
Hidey-hole Lumbridge windmill
At the crossroads north of Draynor Village Iron chainbody, sapphire ring, shieldbow Rock
Hidey-hole Draynor Village crossroads
In the Rimmington mine Gold necklace, gold ring, bronze spear Cart
Hidey-hole Rimmington mine
Inside the Varrock Palace Library Holy symbol, leather vambraces, iron warhammer Crate
Hidey-hole Varrock Palace Library
Upstairs in the East Ardougne windmill Tiara, wood camo top, emerald ring Crate
Hidey-hole East Ardougne windmill
Inside the Falador Party Room Steel full helm, steel platebody, iron plateskirt Plant
Hidey-hole Falador Party Room
Next to the Taverley Stone Circle[1] Air tiara, bronze 2h sword, gold amulet Rock
Hidey-hole Taverley Stone Circle
Among the Catherby beehives Iron boots, unholy symbol, steel hatchet Beehive
Hidey-hole Catherby beehive
Next to the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo Studded body, bronze platelegs, mud pie Rock
Hidey-hole Ardougne Zoo monkey cage
By the Rimmington house portal[2] Sapphire ring, leather chaps, yellow flowers Rock
Hidey-hole Rimmington crossroads
Near the entrance to the Fishing Guild Bronze chainbody, sapphire amulet, emerald ring Rock
Hidey-hole Fishing Guild entrance
Near the entrance to Keep Le Faye Iron platebody, studded leather coif, leather gloves Rock
Hidey-hole Keep Le Faye entrance
At the junction south of Sinclair Mansion Leather cowl, amulet of strength, iron scimitar Rock
Hidey-hole Sinclair Mansion junction
Inside the Digsite Exam Centre Ruby amulet, blue flowers, leather gloves Crate
Hidey-hole Digsite Exam Centre
Near the Sawmill Operator's booth north east of Varrock Bronze hatchet, leather chaps, hard leather body Tree stump
Hidey-hole Lumberyard
In the Duel Arena lobby Studded leather coif, leather chaps, iron chainbody Sack
Hidey-hole Duel Arena lobby
  1. ^ Start of Druidic Ritual.
  2. ^ This location is currently bugged; it's inaccessible if the ticket vendor is currently in Rimmington.

Medium Edit

Description Requirements Items required Type Notes Image
Outside The Hair Of The Dog Tavern in Canifis Access to Canifis Mithril platelegs, Spiny helmet, Iron 2h sword Barrel A lodestone is the quickest way here. Hidey-hole Canifis pub
Mausoleum off the Morytania coast Partial completion of Creature of Fenkenstrain Maple shieldbow, Mithril plateskirt Crate Use the ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys, run to the small graveyard west of the farming patch and push the eastern memorial, leading to the Experiment Cave. Run to the northwest corner of the cave to find the stairs to the mausoleum. Hidey-hole Mausoleum
East of the Barbarian Village bridge None Mithril full helm, Steel kiteshield, Iron hatchet Rock A skull sceptre can be used to get to the village quickly. Hidey-hole Barbarian Village bridge
Inside the entrance of Tai Bwo Wannai village None Mithril helm, Green dragonhide chaps, Ring of duelling Crate A Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport takes the player right into the village. Alternatively, players may use the Karamja lodestone. Hidey-hole Tai Bwo Wannai
Next to the Castle Wars bank None Ruby amulet, Mithril scimitar, Iron sq shield Stone blocks Stone blocks just northeast of the bank chest. Using the ring of duelling teleports the player right in the lobby. Hidey-hole Castle Wars
Inside the Barbarian Outpost agility training area Bar Crawl miniquest, 35 Agility Steel platebody, Maple shortbow, Bronze boots Barrel Players may use the Games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost. Hidey-hole Barbarian Outpost
Halfway up the tree in the Gnome Stronghold agility course None Green dragonhide chaps, Steel kiteshield, Ring of forging Tree stump The tree stump is located next to the tree branch that leads to the advanced portion of the agility course. Hidey-hole Gnome Stronghold agility course
Inside the Yanille Bank None Snakeskin chaps, Iron crossbow, Adamant helm Crate The crate can be found next to the deposit box. Use the Yanille lodestone to reach the area. Hidey-hole Yanille bank
On the top floot[sic] of the Kandarin Observatory Observatory quest Mithril chainbody, Green dragonhide chaps, Ruby amulet Crate Use the ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars, then run north across the bridge to the three ruined houses. Climb down the stairs in the west building to reach the Observatory dungeon. Find your way to the other exit and then climb up another flight of stairs to reach the top floor of the Observatory. Hidey-hole Observatory
By the ogres in the Combat Training Camp Biohazard quest Green dragonhide chaps, Green dragonhide body, Steel sq shield Crate Hidey-hole Combat Training Camp
Next to the eastern Digsite winch None Snakeskin boots, Blood'n'tar snelm (pointed), Iron pickaxe Barrel A digsite pendant can bring you west of it. Hidey-hole Digsite
Outside Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby None Blood'n'tar snelm (round), Hard leather body, Silver sickle Crates Hidey-hole Hickton's Archery Emporium
Near the entrance to Shantay Pass None Bruise blue snelm (pointed), Staff of air Crate Next to entrance for Al Kharid Hidey-hole Shantay Pass

Hard Edit

Description Requirements Items required Type Image
Inside the Zamorak temple in the eastern Wilderness[1] None Bronze platelegs, Iron platebody, Blue dragonhide vambraces Rock
Hidey-hole Wilderness Zamorak temple
Inside the Fishing Guild bank 68 Fishing Blue dragonhide chaps, Rune warhammer, Elemental shield Crate
Hidey-hole Fishing Guild bank
On the top floor of Kandarin lighthouse Horror from the Deep quest Blue dragonhide body, Blue dragonhide vambraces Crate
Hidey-hole Lighthouse
Next to Jamila's craft stall in Sophanem Partial completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper Adamant 2h sword, Ring of life, Uncharged amulet of glory Crate
Hidey-hole Sophanem
Near the Wilderness Bandit camp obelisk[2] None Iron pickaxe, Iron sq shield, Blue dragonhide vambraces Dead Tree
Hidey-hole Wilderness Bandit Camp
South side of the Musa Point banana plantation None Diamond ring, Amulet of power Log
Hidey-hole Musa Point banana plantation
Near the Mountain Camp goat enclosure To gain access to this area before the completion of the Mountain Daughter Quest, you must bring a rope and take the north path, then climb the cliff side. Rune full helm, Fire battlestaff, Blue dragonhide chaps Rock
Hidey-hole Mountain Camp
Near the Gnome Glider on White Wolf Mountain None Ring of life, Rune hatchet, Mithril platelegs Rock
Hidey-hole White Wolf Mountain
Inside the Shilo Village bank Shilo village quest Splitbark helm, Mud Pie, Rune Platebody Potted plant
Hidey-hole Shilo Village
  1. ^ Level 12.
  2. ^ Level 26.

Master Edit

Description Requirements Items required Type Notes Image
Next to the sulphur pit in the TzHaar City 3+ Recipe for Disaster subquests Fire cape, Toktz-ket-xil, Spork Table Sulphur pit is southwest of the Main Plaza (marked as Cooking Range on World Map)
Hidey-hole TzHaar City
Southwest of the Charm Sprite cracked dolmen The Hunt For Surok, 72 Hunter Enhanced yaktwee stick, Dagon'hai hat, Amulet of ranging Rock
Hidey-hole charm sprites
On the northern Waiko docks Recipe for Disaster (full completion), Impressing the Locals Culinaromancer's gloves 10, Infinity boots, Dark bow Water barrel The emote clue takes place in the Uncharted Isles, and as such, the barrel is located next to Sarim's Revenge in Waiko.
Hidey-hole Waiko dock
Near the entrance to the Morytania Slayer Tower Plague's End Imphide hood, Prifddinian musician's robe top, Amulet of magic Crate The crate sits outside the tower
Hidey-hole Slayer Tower
Inside the Green Ghost Inn in Port Phasmatys Underground Pass, The General's Shadow Iban's staff, Ghostly cloak, Cavalier Barrel Any cavalier will do. After filling the Hidey-hole speak to Viggora to get a replacement cloak.
Hidey-hole Port Phasmatys
On the top level of the Grand Library of Menaphos Broken Home, Partial completion of The Jack of Spades Asylum surgeon's ring, Scabaras mask Potted plant After adding the Asylum surgeon's ring to the Hidey-hole you can purchase another one from Maria.
Hidey-hole Grand Library of Menaphos
Inside the Invention Guild 69 Invention Lab coat top, Lab coat legs, Staff of light Barrel
Hidey-hole Invention Guild
Inside the celestial dragon dungeon on Dragontooth Island Partial completion of One of a Kind Dragon mask, Dragon rider amulet, Dragon defender Rock Any dragon mask will do. (Dragon Rider Amulet can be reclaimed by talking to Mr. Mordaut at the Varrock Museum)
Hidey-hole Dragontooth Island resource dungeon
Inside the Lumbridge Fishing Supplies shop Legends' Quest Demon slayer gloves, Cape of legends, Boater Barrel Any colour boater will do.
Hidey-hole Lumbridge Fishing Supplies
Next to the start of the Hefin District agility course Plague's End Prifddinian worker's trousers, Berserker ring, Ancient staff Potted plant An enhanced ancient staff also works.
Hidey-hole Hefin agility course
Next to the Edgeville Monastery garden One Piercing Note Saradomin's murmur, Holy cithara, Ring of devotion Barrel
Hidey-hole Edgeville Monastery


  • In OldSchool RuneScape, hidey-holes are called STASH units, an acronym for "Store Things And Stuff Here".
  • The hidey-hole located by the Rimmington house portal cannot be accessed if the Ticket vendor is in Rimmington, as it occupies the spot of the rock