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  • 20 December
    • Cursor colour changed from gold to silver.
    • Items in several random events now have colour.
    • The Developer console now has a snowing background.
    • The sound effect for picking up items has changed.
    • All interfaces on the right get pushed over the chat options instead of disappearing when you force the window to be smaller than it normally should be.
    • It has become snowy in various locations around RuneScape.
    • The Edgeville teleport lever's look has changed.
    • The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon north, south, east and west have changed.
  • 13 December
    • A "Destroy-All" option has been added for all destroyable items if you have more than one of them in your inventory. Some examples are hunter kits and scorpion meat.
    • Pet shops now allow you to swap more than one million spirit shards at a time again.
    • The minimap problem when using blooming effects in DirectX has been fixed.
    • Frozen floors in Dungeoneering have been made less bright with bloom lighting effects turned on.
  • 6 December
    • There is a new task requiring players to add a pair of shears to their tool belt.
    • Various things within the game are now a random colour, possibly in an attempt to confuse colour bots.
    • Pet shops now only allow you to swap a maximum of one million spirit shards at a time.
    • On the path passing Draynor Village and Draynor Manor, some fencing has been removed.
    • The sound for hitting with pickaxes has been updated.


  • 28 November
    • The colour of another players' hits have been made lighter than yours rather than darker.
  • 22 November
    • Prayer renewal potion messages aren't filtered again like they used to be.
    • Holy and unholy symbols now have a different appearance when worn.
    • Length of time intervals between frost dragon blue orb attacks has increased.
    • The information available through the displayfps command has been moved down (when playing on resizable screen), such that the XP counter no longer obscures the FPS value.
    • Summoning rings now give bonus XP for creating pouches.
  • 7 November
    • Another Game Card Vanity item (turkey hat) appeared in the fancy dress box.
    • You no longer have to be logged in to the RuneScape website to view a player's forum profile on the Official Forums.
    • The sky lighting for Rellekka has been changed back to what it was before its graphical update.
    • The sky lighting for the Clan Camp has been changed a little.
    • You can no longer do various emotes in The Great Orb Project.


  • 26 October
    • Some bugfixes for bugs created due to the update of 25 October.
    • Several improvements to the security scriptings against bots. [1]
    • Shadowing effects have been added to dungeons in Dungeoneering as it would be like if the sun was viewable.
  • 25 October
    • The Java screen (not in client) has been updated with a new load box.
    • Three new media teasers have been released showing future content.
    • The hover boxes' borders (example: skills) have been improved.
    • Some of the colour schemes have been improved, including the Minimap.
    • The graphical effects for the Clan citadel portal, house portal, clan wars portals etc have been updated.
  • 17 October
  • 12 October
  • 4 October



  • 31 August
    • The gate to Burgh de Rott has been updated with a jump option allowing multiple people to pass at once.
    • The animation for the Grand Exchange clerks has been updated. The same goes for the bankers at Grand Exchange.
    • Vampyres have been added as a possible slayer task again.
    • The sound when fletching logs has been updated.
    • Sound effects for the Trick emote have been updated.
  • 23 August
    • Sounds for equipping items have been improved.
    • A cave entrance has been added south of the Burgh de Rott bank. Attempting to enter it yields the message 'You see no reason to go down there.'
    • Murky Matt has started to combine ring of wealth charges.
    • Exploding toads have been changed again so that they hit no damage at all.
  • 9 August
    • A new musician has been added to the south-western corner of the Grand Exchange.
    • Xenia has been graphically updated in line with the release of the other Signature Heroes.
    • All of the young spirit trees received new graphics as well.
    • Three new pictures were added to the Media section of the Community page.
    • The prison in Edgeville has been locked, and is now empty.



  • 28 June
    • The Invoke Spring emote had a butterfly added to it.
    • The Emotes interface has been redesigned with new icons for each emote as well as a drop-down menu to sort them.
  • 21 June
    • The sound effect when frozen or stuck has been updated to a more realistic sound.
  • 14 June
    • Kethsi is added to the possible fairy ring locations requiring codes DIR and AKS.
  • 7 June
    • Sound effects have been added to the Mort Myre Swamp.
    • A Highlight button has been added to the forums allowing users to report inappropriate posts.
  • 1 June
    • Dagannoths in the Waterbirth dungeon have received a graphical update.
    • Lots of sound effects in Dungeoneering have been updated to be more realistic.
    • A lot of graphics for Dungeoneering have been made more advanced.
    • The entrance to Daemonheim has been updated, it now has a ruined arch.
    • The sound effect when eating a piece of food was updated to a more realistic sound.
    • The way the Ancient Magicks pyramid looks on the mini-map was changed. It looks the same as before on the world map.
    • Exploding bloated toads no longer cause damage to players with low health.



  • 19 April
    • Some demons, including imps, have had their animations updated.
    • The prospect interaction on a mining rock has been replaced with the examine option.
    • The time before a player's loot appears to other players after death in the Corporeal Beast lair is increased from 1 minute to 3.5 minutes.
  • 2 April
    • All throwing knives and javelins have had their animations updated.
    • The sound effect when you destroy an item has been updated.
    • The sound effect when jumping over pitfall traps has been updated.


  • 1 March
    • Daggers, spears and mauls attack and staves defence animations have been tweaked to make them smoother.
    • The death animation has been made smoother and quicker.
    • The colours from the body doors in the Elemental Workshop have been removed to match the mind, cosmic, chaos, nature and astral doors.
    • The time for changing worlds has been decreased by a few seconds.


  • 21 February
    • Numbers have been added to the tabs on the home page, showing how many news items are unread.
    • Troops at Mobilising Armies are now given combat levels.
    • The font for apostrophes has been changed from a comma to a rectangle.
  • 15 February
    • A new task involving urns was added.
    • The Bartender in Varrock's Blue Moon Inn has gotten emotes involving the z-buffering.
    • Eastern Falador has become extremely foggy, this is peculiar as the amount of fog used is usually only found in places with mass amounts of water, such as an ocean.
  • 14 February
    • Frog Princess Random Event dialogue updated for Valentine's Day. When asked for a kiss by the Princess, the player responds "Wouldn't you prefer Flowers or Chocolates?".
  • 3 February
    • Corporeal beast can now be attacked via left click.
    • When taking an item from a trade, you now have to wait 3 seconds to accept a trade, and the message "CHECK THE OFFER AGAIN" appears to the other player.
  • 1 February
    • Sounds while Mining have been updated once again.
    • More recorded and realistic ambient sounds added to the game such as wind, lava, birds and water effects.
    • Chromatic dragons walking sound and close dragonfire sound of all dragons have been updated.
    • An item you lent out now appears on the Grand Exchange collection box.
    • Ghorrock has received a western entrance.
    • Hilda and Torsteg have re-appeared at the border between the Wilderness and Daemonheim, along with a guard.


  • 10 January
    • Scape Theme has become the login screen music again.
    • A market stall has been added near Zaff's shop.
  • 4 January
    • Scape Main has been restored as the login screen music. (temporarily for the 10 Years Runescape Events)
    • RuneScape logo has appeared above log-in screen
    • The beards of long-bearded dwarves (e.g. Colonel Grimsson) have been updated.


  1. ^ Mod Rathe. "orange hits are gone?." 21 September 2011. Recent updates Forums.

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