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Hidden updates are updates which are not mentioned in the RuneScape news or the official forums. Jagex used to add many small updates and bug fixes which were too trivial to announce. They now include most of their updates in the Patch Notes sticky of the Recent Updates forum. However, there are still some updates which are not included in the Patch Notes for various reasons. This page lists the hidden updates for 2015. Hidden updates that occur separately from major updates can also be recognised due to the build changing, which can be found in the Developer's Console.



  • 16 February
    • The background of the log in screen has been changed back to its default.
    • Bank presets are now able to search and withdraw items with matching images and names but unique metadata values (e.g. Clue scroll (elite)).
  • 9 February
    • Lucky challenges now have a clover icon on the challenge tab. Previously it was the same as others.
    • Daily challenges have a brighter icon on the challenge tab.
  • 2 February
    • The pet interface has been updated.
    • Alice no longer cheers when opening a chest in Treasure Hunter.
    • All current "Lucky" Treasure Hunter items have had their cashout value set to 500,000 coins.


  • 26 January
    • Player-owned ports now have a skybox.
    • Lamps inside the Gnome Maze can now be stood under.
    • Abilities have been fixed so that using one and then quickly interrupting combat cancels the ability completely in PvP situations (technique which is often referred to as ability stalling).
  • 23 January
    • All gravestones will temporarily last 45 minutes in response to server issues.
  • 19 January
    • The font used in the action bar for displaying life points, adrenaline, prayer points and summoning points as well the total and combat levels on the skills interface has changed.
    • The XP interface when hovering over the XP popup during skilling has been graphically updated.
    • Players don't need to confirm anymore when clearing a fruit tree patch. Other patches, including regular wood tree patches, still require a confirmation.
    • The Giant Mole now respawns quicker.
  • 12 January
    • Bosses have had their Christmas decorations removed.
    • The colour of the Voice of Seren chat messages has been changed.
    • Garden Echo now unlocks and plays to the north-east of Varrock.
    • If you are in combat, and can't see your target, you cannot queue an ability.
    • Clan cup winners from 2014 have been added to the Clan cup plaques, Clan Cup statues have been added to Clan Camp and three new clan motifs have been made available.
  • 5 January
    • Golden Gnome pets and hats for 2014 winners have been added to the game.
    • The Duke now activates on tiles of Lumbridge Castle on which it previously did not.

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