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Hidden updates are updates which are not mentioned in the RuneScape news or the official forums. Jagex used to add many small updates and bug fixes which were too trivial to announce. They are now including most of their updates in the Patch Notes sticky of Recent Updates forum section. However, there are still some updates which are not included in the Patch Notes for various reasons. This page lists the hidden updates for 2013. Hidden updates that occur separately from major updates can also be recognised due to the build changing, which can be found in the Developer's Console.


  • 25 September
    • Hard Mode floors no longer offer the player the ability to change floor size; it is now fixed as large. 
  • 17 September
    • Player IDs (PID) no longer have an effect on whether you complete an action before another player.
    • The clickable area of chronicle fragments has been increased.
    • The food items for the golden chinchompa now have a "Convert" option. Their destroy message has also been changed to: "As the food is no longer needed you can trade it in for gold if you want."
    • Getting a voyage from Surula now adds an extra voyage to the amount of voyages left (only if her Gossip voyage overrides an unused voyage).
    • The Adventurer's Log no longer counts unlocking the Castle Wars kills cape for the first time.
  • 10 September
    • The price of the scroll of renewal has been decreased from 107,000 tokens to 38,000 tokens.
    • There are 4 worlds specifically for Super September challenges.
    • Both the Blue Dragon and Hellhound resource dungeons have been graphically updated.
  • 3 September
    • Your online status now has to be set to ON before a player that isn't on your friends list can invite you into a Dungeoneering party.
  • 2 September
    • The experience modifiers of the Battle of Lumbridge tokens have all been increased by 0.2.
    • The cosmetic weapon override weapon parts (from the Battle of Lumbridge) have been made available to free players.


  • 29 August
    • Members' Loyalty Programme outfits have been made cosmetic overrides accessed from the Customisation screen.
    • The Loyalty Programme Shop no longer has anything in stock except for Tier 1-4 auras and Item recolours.
    • Attempting to buy anything from the Loyalty Programme Shop will open up Solomon's General Store so you can buy from there.
    • A tooltip has been added to all items in the Loyalty Programme Shop stating you should buy them from Solomon's General Store instead.
    • The font used in the dialogue, minigame HUDs, the skill tab tooltips and friends and clan chat player lists has been updated.
    • The bank interface has had its button removed to quickly open the equipment interface.
    • The fence in level 64 Wilderness has been given a touch option, resulting in the message "You touch the fence." (In preparation for Super September).
    • The camera can no longer be rotated with the bank interface open.
  • 13 August
    • All the tiers for each species of XP lamps from the Battle of Lumbridge have been merged into a single lamp; all small lamps purchased are the same regardless of tier and so forth.
    • Lucky equipment item kept on death values automatically update to match their tradeable counterparts' grand exchange market price.


  • 22 July
    • Torches within Dungeoneering have been given particles.
    • Waterfalls, such as the Baxtorian Falls, have been graphically updated.
    • The H.A.M. hideout has been graphically updated and moved to the former location of the Lumbridge mine and Johanhus Ulsbrecht has been relocated to a new office.
    • The god statue in Lumbridge has been moved to next to Seth Groats' house.
    • The tree patch west of Lumbridge castle has been moved next to the Furnace.
    • Fishing spots have been graphically updated.
    • Lumbridge, Draynor Village, Edgeville, Varrock, Burthorpe and Taverley have been graphically tweaked.
    • Several new NPCs have been added to the above cities, as well as just west of Yanille (near the lodestone), Catherby dock and north of East Ardougne market.
    • Farmer Fred's Farm has been moved so that it does not intefere with the battle.
    • The "Animated Background" and "Navigation bar" options for the Login Screen have been removed.
    • Member's skills on F2P worlds no longer have a yellow background in the Skills screen.
    • You can no longer use fish on Tackleboxes to instantly place them inside.
  • 17 July
    • Pressing "`" now gives the message: "The developer console can be accessed with ALT-`, ALT-§ or ALT-²."
    • The music in-game now fades in as it begins.
    • The portal at Lumbridge has grown bigger again, and more new NPCs now surround it.


  • 17 June
    • Clan vexilla have been fixed to once again display clan colours when equipped.
    • The dialogue shown after having bought the full stock of Battlestaves from Naff's Knockoff Staves has been changed from "The shop only has 80 left to buy." to "The shop only had 80 left to buy, your order has been adjusted accordingly.".
  • 6 June
    • Toppings from the Squeal of Fortune are no longer tradeable.




  • 25 March
    • While on a Free-to-play world the members stat icons in the stat interface have a yellow background.
    • Total xp now includes the xp of P2P skills that exceed the level 5 cap.
  • 18 March
    • The damage stat of the Dark bow has been lowered.
    • Unavailable abilities now show a lock icon on them.
    • When playing the Last Orders random event in a Player-owned port, the displayed glasses now disappear when you serve a patron, instead of becoming empty ones.



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