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Hexhunter bow detail

The Hexhunter bow is an item that can only be obtained and used while training Dungeoneering. It can only be obtained as a drop from Soulgazers, which require 99 Slayer.

The Hexhunter bow has a Passive effect that allows it to deal 20% more damage when used against foes that use Magic, regardless of their combat level.

The Hexhunter bow is treated as a shieldbow, thereby allowing defensive abilities that require a shield to be used.

It is the only weapon in Daemonheim that has a passive effect, and one of three items in Daemonheim to have one; the others being the blood necklace and Shadow silk hood.


Combat Stats
RequirementsHexhunter bow equipped
98 Ranged 98 Defence
Ranged Ranged2h slot
Fastest (2.4s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour592PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points1015Style bonuses

Comparison between bowsEdit

Bow Hexhunter bow Sagittarian shortbow Sagittarian longbow
Base Damage
(with sagittarian arrows)
2047 / 4 ticks
= 511.75 per tick (614.1 with passive bonus)
2281 / 5 ticks
= 456.2 per tick
1845 / 6 ticks
= 307.5.7 per tick
Ability Damage
(with sagittarian arrows)
1187 1795 1197
Accuracy 3031 3031 3031
Life points boost +1015 +0 +1050
Armour rating 592 0 606
Speed Fastest
(2.4 seconds)
(3.0 seconds)
(3.6 seconds)
Requirements 98 Ranged
99 Slayer[1]
99 Ranged
71 Dungeoneering
99 Ranged
45 Dungeoneering
  1. ^ 99 Slayer is only required to deal damage to soulgazers, however can be equipped and used at any slayer level.

Sagittarian shortbowEdit

The Hexhunter bow has nearly the same extra damage as the sagittarian shortbow, but it fires 0.6 seconds faster. This makes Hexhunter bow far superior on autoattacks, and thus a better choice for those using Legacy Mode. However, while the Sagittarian shortbow is classified as a two-handed weapon which receives an additional 50% damage using abilities, the Hexhunter bow is classified as a shieldbow which does not have any ability damage multiplier, thus making it inferior in offensive performance when using abilities in EoC mode. The Hexhunter bow however has defensive stats that put it nearly on par with the sagittarian shield, and additionally it gives access to shield abilities, but offensively it is significantly worse than the Sagittarian shortbow.

The following data is the comparison of two bows in term of ability damage

Ability damage Hexhunter bow Sagittarian shortbow
Sagittarian arrow 1187 1795
Promethium arrow 1111 1666
Gorgonite arrow 1015 1522

Sagittarian longbowEdit

The Sagittarian longbow and the Hexhunter bow have similar stats. While the Sagittarian longbow has a slightly higher armour rating and life points boost, the Hexhunter bow does more damage over time.

In addition, since Sagittarian longbow is a tier 99 weapon, it has slightly higher ability damage than hexhunter bow due to it being level-scaled.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Soulgazer 107; 1281Rare

Former bonusEdit

Before the Evolution of Combat, the Hexhunter bow had a somewhat different passive bonus: its ranged damage increased as the opponent's Magic level increased. This made it one of the most desirable items in Daemonheim, as it could hit very high and accurately on forgotten mages, necromancers, reborn mages, demons, and dragons. Its damage per second easily exceeded the damage per second of the most damaging melee weapons, and it was a far more damaging weapon than any other bow in Daemonheim. The bow was also very good against most bosses (even those that would not seem to have high Magic levels, like Dreadnaut and Gravecreeper, though this was most effective when employing the use of a Bloodrager's Sundering Strike special attack to lower the boss's Defence).


  • The Hexhunter bow is one of only two bows in the game with a speed of 'Fastest', with the other being the seercull.
  • The name of the Hexhunter bow is derived from the word 'hex', which means an evil spell or curse, the equivalent of the German word 'hexe', to practise sorcery. Hex is also pronounced in the same way as the Dutch 'heks', which means witch.
  • The Hexhunter bow's former passive effect was removed with the Evolution of Combat, although a Jagex moderator has said that it may possibly be reimplemented. This was done during the summer of 2014, although not to the usefulness of how it was before EoC.
  • Before the release of The World Wakes on 4 March 2013, the bow had a damage bonus similar to that of the sagittarian longbow. Due to the Hexhunter bow's faster speed, this not only made it superior to the longbow in every aspect aside from accuracy, but also made it rival (and potentially even surpass) the Sagittarian shortbow due to the Hexhunter bow's ability to deal similar damage while still retaining armour, life point, and shield bonuses. The damage bonus was removed with the update for balancing purposes.
  • The Hexhunter bow was given a damage buff on 17 April 2013 to make it on par with tier 11 Dungeoneering bows, but it will still deal less damage per second than the sagittarian shortbow.
  • The Hexhunter bow was given another damage buff during the summer of 2014 that causes it to deal 20% more damage against magical foes.
  • The Hexhunter bow is slated to be a drop from Soul gazers and their elite variants as slayer monsters in the open game world. It will have tier 80 stats as opposed to tier 98, but will feature the passive of being stronger against magic users, even more so if their specific weakness is arrows.

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