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For information on training, see Herblore training.
For Herblore in Dungeoneering, see Dungeoneering/Herblore.
Also known as Herblaw
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Members only Yes
Minimum level
for Hiscores
as of 18 Dec 2014
Players with
as of 18 Dec 2014
Players with 120 547
Players with
200M XP
as of 18 Dec 2014
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Herblore level-up music (link)

Herblore (Herblaw on RuneScape Classic) is a members-only skill that allows players to make their own potions that serve various uses. Druidic Ritual was formerly needed to be completed to start training the skill, but after an update on 31 January 2012 the quest is no longer necessary. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 745,175) on the hiscores for Herblore is level 15. As of 18 December 2014, there are 85,543 current members that have achieved level 99 in Herblore.

Herblore appears to have been established by Sarah in Past A, as revealed after finishing the Meeting History quest and then talking to her.

Although Herblore can be trained relatively quickly, it is one of the most expensive skills in the game for players who buy all or most of the needed ingredients. Some players are known to have paid over 300 million coins to get 99. For players who gather the ingredients (most are available from monster drops or farming and some spawn in various locations), it is much less expensive but quite time consuming.


Main article: Herb

Grimy herbsEdit

Grimy herbs are herbs that have not yet been cleaned. They can be cleaned by clicking on the herb, which provides a small amount of herblore experience. Herbs are almost always obtained in their grimy state (from farming, monster remains etc.). Although grimy herbs give experience from cleaning, they usually cost less than their cleaned counterparts since players usually do not want to spend time cleaning the herbs. It is also suggested that players collect their own ingredients to reduce training costs. However, this comes at the cost of being very time-consuming. Players can choose to purchase herbs from the Grand Exchange, but this method can be very expensive.


See the Potion calculator for coins-per-experience-point analysis of potions using live data from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
Note: Only certain low-levelled potions are available to free players.

The potion-making process in Herblore takes two steps, each combining separate items. The first step involves adding a primary ingredient (usually a herb) to a vial of water (or a vial of coconut milk for some high-level potions), to produce an unfinished potion. This grants a 1 Herblore experience per unfinished potion. If you are trying to save money while doing herblore it is recommended to purchase vials and fill them with water yourself, as a vial is cheaper than a vial of water.

The second step involves adding a secondary ingredient (see below) to make a complete potion that may be drunk or sold (with the exception of a few potions made as part of a quest). This is the main method of gaining Herblore experience. Both steps can be done in batches, which is when the player's inventory contains several of the required items, one may "make all" or "make x".

The choice of herb and secondary ingredient dictate which potion is made. Each potion has a minimum Herblore level required before it can be made, unless the assist system is used.

List of potionsEdit

Potion Image Level XP Effect Primary Ingredient Secondary Ingredient Notes
Attack potion Attack potion (3) 1 25 Temporarily boosts Attack by 8% plus 1 Clean guam Eye of newt

This potion is available to non-members. Can be mixed by F2P through Herblore.

Ranging potion Ranging potion (3) 3 30 Temporarily boosts Ranged by 8% plus 1 Clean guam Redberries This potion is available to non-members. Can be mixed by F2P through Herblore.
Magic potion Magic potion (3) 5 35 Temporarily boosts Magic by 8% plus 1 Clean tarromin Black beadRed beadYellow beadWhite bead This potion is available to non-members. Can be mixed by F2P through Herblore.
Strength potion Strength potion (3) 7 40 Temporarily boosts Strength by 8% plus 1 Clean tarromin Limpwurt root

This potion is available to non-members. Cannot be mixed by F2P through Herblore.

However, F2P can instead obtain this potion through the Apothecary, requiring Red spider's eggs, a Limpwurt Root and 5 coins for each potion. (Produces 4 doses instead of 3.)

Relicym's balm Relicym's balm (3) 8 40 No useful effect. Clean rogue's purse Clean snake weed Must have at least started Zogre Flesh Eaters. Can be used on orange Broodoo victims to damage them.
Defence potion Defence potion (3) 9 45 Temporarily raises Defence level by 8% plus 1 Clean marrentill Bear fur This potion is available to non-members. Cannot be mixed by F2P through Herblore.
Antipoison Antipoison (3) 13 50 Cures poison and provides immunity for 3 minutes Clean marrentill Unicorn horn dust
Serum 207 Serum 207 (3) 15 50 Temporarily cures Afflicted NPCs in Mort'ton Clean tarromin Ashes Learned and required in Shades of Mort'ton; Can be sanctified to produce Serum 208
Guthix rest Guthix rest (3) 18 59.5 Cures poison, restores some run energy, and boosts max life points by 50 if at full health Clean harralander Clean marrentill Made during One Small Favour
Guam tar Guam tar 19 30 Ammunition and bait for Swamp lizard Clean guam Swamp tar
Restore potion Restore potion (3) 22 62.5 Restores Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, and Ranged by 30% of level plus 10 Clean harralander Red spiders' eggs Does not restore Constitution, Prayer, or Summoning.
Guthix balance Guthix balance (3) 22 50 Used against Vampire Juvinates and Vampire Juveniles, particularly in the Temple Trekking minigame. Restore potion (3) Garlic Silver dust Players receive partial experience (25 xp) for each of the secondary ingredients.

Requires In Aid of the Myreque.

Blamish oil Blamish oil 25 80 Used to make oily fishing rods during the Heroes Quest Clean harralander Blamish snail slime
Energy potion Energy potion (3) 26 67.5 Restores 20% run energy Clean harralander Chocolate dust
Marrentill tar Marrentill tar 31 42.5 Ammo for Orange salamander Clean marrentill Swamp tar
Super Fishing Explosive Super fishing explosive 31 55 Can be used as a Fishing Explosive Clean guam Rubium Super Fishing Explosives can only be made after Kennith's concerns. Rubium is non-tradeable.
Agility potion Agility potion (3) 34 80 Temporarily boosts Agility by 3 Clean toadflax Toad's legs
Combat potion Combat potion (3) 36 84 Effect of both Attack potion and Strength potion Clean harralander Goat horn dust
Goblin potion Goblin potion (3) 37 The potion transforms the player into a goblin during the Land of the Goblins quest Clean toadflax Pharmakos berries The potion will wear off if the player wears something that isn't goblin related, if the player attacks something, or if the player approaches direct sunlight. Pharmakos berries are obtained by talking to the makeover mage, after the quest. They are free.
Prayer potion Prayer potion (3) 38 87.5 Restores 2.5 times the player's Prayer level plus 70, resulting in a total restoration of 72-317 Prayer points. Clean ranarr Snape grass Effect increased by holy wrench. A lifeline when fighting TzTok-Jad. Used often in Barrows.
Tarromin tar Tarromin tar 39 55 Ammo for Red salamander Clean tarromin Swamp tar
Summoning potion Summoning potion (3) 40 92 Restores 25% of player's Summoning level plus 7 Clean spirit weed Cockatrice egg
Crafting potion Crafting potion (3) 42 95 Temporarily boosts Crafting by 3 Clean wergali Frog spawn
Harralander tar Harralander tar 44 72.5 Ammo for Black salamander Clean harralander Swamp tar
Super attack Super attack (3) 45 100 Temporarily boosts Attack by 12% plus 2 Clean irit Eye of newt
Vial of stench Vial of stench 46 After activation, allows players to sell goods stolen from stalls to the stall owners immediately Clean irit Chopped onion Talk to Chief Thief Robin in the Thieves' Guild to activate it (after A Guild of Our Own). It only needs to be in inventory to work. The potion is not tradeable.
Super antipoison Super antipoison (3) 48 106.3 Cures poison and provides immunity for 6 minutes Clean irit Unicorn horn dust
Fishing potion Fishing potion (3) 50 112.5 Temporarily boosts Fishing by 3 Clean avantoe Snape grass Can be used to get into the Fishing Guild if you are a few levels short.
Super energy Super energy (3) 52 117.5 Restores 40% run energy Clean avantoe Mort myre fungus
Shrink-me-quick Shrink-me-quick 52 6 Reduce player size during Grim Tales Quest Clean tarromin Shrunk ogleroot 3
Hunter potion Hunter potion (3) 53 120 Temporarily boosts Hunter by 3 Clean avantoe Kebbit teeth dust Kebbit teeth are found from deadfalling Sabre-Toothed Kebbit.
Super strength Super strength (3) 55 125 Temporarily boosts Strength level by 12% plus 2 Clean kwuarm Limpwurt root
Magic essence potion Magic essence potion (3) 57 130 Temporarily boosts Magic by 3 to 8 Star flower Gorak claw powder Made during A Fairy Tale Part II quest. Components are only available via the Fairy rings. The potion and the components are not tradeable.
Fletching potion Fletching potion (3) 58 132 Temporarily boosts Fletching by 3 Clean wergali Wimpy feather
Weapon poison Weapon poison (3) 60 137.5 Makes the player poisonous for 1 minute. Clean kwuarm Dragon scale dust
Super restore Super restore (3) 63 142.5 Restores all stats by 25% plus 8. Prayer points are restored by 25% of the maximum plus 80. Clean snapdragon Red spiders' eggs
Sanfew serum Sanfew serum (3) 65 96, Sanfew Serum combines the properties of super restore and cure poison. Super restore (3) Unicorn horn dust Clean snake weed Nail beast nails Nail Beast Nails are from Temple Trekking. Players receive partial experience (47.5, 52.5, and 60 xp for the 3-dose, e.g.) for each of the secondary ingredients. Experience varies based on the dosage.
Super defence Super defence (3) 66 150 Temporarily boosts Defence by 12% plus 2 Clean cadantine White berries
Antipoison+ Antipoison+ (3) 68 155 Cures and gives immunity to poison for 9 minutes Clean toadflax Yew roots Coconut milk Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Antifire Antifire (3) 69 157.5 Provides resistance to Dragonfire for 6 minutes Clean lantadyme Dragon scale dust Can be used with an Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield to completely prevent dragonfire damage. Each dose lasts for 6 minutes (you will get a 15 second warning before it runs out).
Super ranging potion Super ranging potion (3) 72 162.5 Temporarily boosts Ranged by 12% plus 2 Clean dwarf weed Wine of Zamorak
Weapon poison+ Weapon poison+ (3) 73 165 Makes the player poisonous for 5 minutes. Cactus spine Red spiders' eggs Coconut milk Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Super magic potion Super magic potion (3) 76 172.5 Temporarily boosts Magic by 12% plus 2 Clean lantadyme Potato cactus
Zamorak brew Zamorak brew (3) 78 175 Temporarily boosts Attack and Strength by 8% plus 1, and restores Prayer points by 8% of the maximum plus 20, but lowers Defence by 8% plus 1 and removes 12% of lifepoints Clean torstol Jangerberries Torstol can only be obtained from the Yanille Agility dungeon herb chest, or grown using the Farming skill, obtained as a drop from Nex, or as a rare reward from red reward tokens if herbs are chosen.
Antipoison++ Antipoison++ (3) 79 177.5 Cures poison and provides immunity for 12 minutes Clean irit Magic roots Coconut milk Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Saradomin brew Saradomin brew (3) 81 180 Temporarily boosts Defence by 8% plus 1 and heals 1000 life points but lowers Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic by ?%. Clean toadflax Crushed nest See above for Toadflax locations.
Weapon poison++ Weapon poison++ (3) 82 190 Makes the player poisonous for 7 minutes. Cave nightshade Poison ivy berries Coconut milk Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Adrenaline potion Adrenaline potion (3) 84 200 Recovers Adrenaline bar by 25%. Can only be used every 120 seconds. Super energy (3) Papaya fruit This potion cannot be traded. Only the 3-dose Super energy potion can be used as an ingredient. See Zahur.
Super antifire Super antifire (3) 85 210 Provides immunity to Dragonfire for 6 minutes even if anti-dragon shield is not equipped Antifire (3) Phoenix feather This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme attack Extreme attack (3) 88 220 Temporarily boosts Attack by 15% plus 3. Super attack (3) Clean avantoe This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme strength Extreme strength (3) 89 230 Temporarily boosts Strength by 15% plus 3. Super strength (3) Clean dwarf weed This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme defence Extreme defence (3) 90 240 Temporarily boosts Defence by 15% plus 3. Super defence (3) Clean lantadyme This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme magic Extreme magic (3) 91 250 Temporarily boosts Magic by 15% plus 3. Super magic potion (3) Ground mud runes This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme ranging Extreme ranging (3) 92 260 Temporarily boosts Ranged by 15% plus 3. Super ranging potion (3) Grenwall spikes 5 This potion cannot be traded.
Super saradomin brew Super Saradomin brew (3) 93 180 Restores 1300 lifepoints. Temporarily boosts Defence by ?% plus ?, and drains Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged by ?% plus ?. Saradomin brew (3) Wine of Saradomin
Super zamorak brew Super Zamorak brew (3) 93 180 Temporarily boosts Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged by 10% plus 2. Drains Defence by ?% plus ? and removes ?% of lifepoints. Zamorak brew (3) Wine of Zamorak
Super guthix rest Super Guthix rest (3) 93 59.5 Cures poison. Reduces poison damage by 20 lifepoints, restores 500 lifepoints and restores 15% run energy. Boosts your maximum lifepoints by 500. Guthix rest (3) Wine of Guthix
Super prayer Super prayer 94 270 Restores Prayer points by 35% plus 70. Prayer potion (3) Bonemeal This potion cannot be traded.
Prayer renewal Prayer renewal (3) 94 190 Restores 4 times the player's Prayer level plus 120, resulting in a total restoration of 124-516 Prayer points, over a period of 5 minutes. Clean fellstalk Morchella mushroom
Overload Overload (3) 96 1000 Grants the effect of all five extreme stat-boosting potions for five minutes, and reapplies their buffs every fifteen seconds. Extreme attack (3)Extreme strength (3)Extreme defence (3)Extreme magic (3)Extreme ranging (3) Clean torstol This potion cannot be traded.

Barbarian potionsEdit

See the barbarian mix calculator for coins-per-experience-point analysis of barbarian mixes using live data from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
Attack mix detail

In order to be able to make Barbarian mixes, Otto Godblessed must be talked to, located at Otto's Grotto (West of Baxtorian Falls). He will teach the basic Barbarian Skills needed to get the special ingredients for these mixes. He also teaches the decanting of 4 dose potions into two 2-dose potions by using any 4-dose potion on an empty vial.

Enhanced potion requirements:

All mixes that only require roe will heal 30 life points per dose. All mixes that require caviar heal 60 life points per dose. Using caviar on potions that can be made from roe will not make the potion heal 60 lifepoints per dose, the potion will still heal the usual 30 lifepoints. Apart from healing, all potions have the same effect as their corresponding normal potion seen in the table above. Although being able to restore life points, Barbarian potions are not recommended for PKing.

List of barbarian potionsEdit

Mix Image Add Level XP
Attack mix
Attack mix (2)
4 8
Anti-poison mix
Antipoison mix (2)
6 12
Relicym's balm mix
Relicym's mix (2)
9 14
Strength mix
Strength mix (2)
14 17
Stat restore mix
Restore mix (2)
24 21
Energy mix
Energy mix (2)
29 23
Defence mix
Defence mix (2)
33 25
Agility mix
Agility mix (2)
37 27
Combat mix
Combat mix (2)
40 28
Prayer mix
Prayer mix (2)
42 29
Super attack mix
Super attack mix (2)
47 33
Super anti-poison mix
Anti-p supermix (2)
51 35
Fishing mix
Fishing mix (2)
53 38
Super energy mix
Super energy mix (2)
56 39
Hunting mix
Hunting mix (2)
58 40
Super strength mix
Super strength mix (2)
59 42
Magic essence mix
Magic essence mix (2)
61 43
Super restore mix
Super restore mix (2)
67 48
Super defence mix
Super defence mix (2)
71 50
Extra strong
anti-poison mix
Antidote+ mix (2)
74 52
Antifire mix
Antifire mix (2)
75 53
Super ranging mix
Super ranging mix (2)
80 54
Super magic mix
Super magic mix (2)
83 57
Zamorak mix
Zamorak mix (2)
85 58

Obtaining secondary ingredientsEdit

When training Herblore it is useful to have ample supplies of secondary ingredients.

Secondary Ingredient Price * Collection methods Potions
Eye of newt 5 coins (update) Can be bought in Port Sarim magic shop or in Herblore stores for 3 coins
Use Newtroost Creature Creation.
Attack potion, Super attack
Unicorn horn 1,273 coins (update) Kill unicorns or use Unicow Creature Creation. Anti-poison potion, Super anti-poison potion
Snake weed Untradeable Can be found on Karamja - requires Jungle Potion. Relicym's balm
Limpwurt root 1,405 coins (update) From Farming or from hill giant, cockatrice and hobgoblin drops. They also respawn in the hidden resource dungeon located in the Edgville Dungeon (requires level 20 dungeoneering). Strength potion, Super strength potion
Swamp tar 223 coins (update) Cave Slime drops, Warped tortoise drops or collected in Lumbridge swamp. Guam tar, Marrentill tar, Tarromin tar, Harralander tar
Red spiders' eggs 887 coins (update) Use SpidineCreature Creation. 2 respawns in the Varrock Sewers. The Edgeville Dungeon has 6 respawns in low level Wilderness. Also, those with level 10 Summoning can use the Egg Spawn scroll using a Spirit Spider. One respawns inside Karamja Volcano. Stat restore potion, Super restore potion, Guthix balance potion, Extra strong weapon poison
Chocolate dust 405 coins (update) Use pestle and mortar on chocolate bars. Chocolate bars or chocolate dust can be bought from Culinaromancer's chest, Port Sarim food store, or Grand Tree food supply stores for 20 coins and respawn in the Cooks Guild and Zanaris. Players can also buy chocolate bars from the bakers in the Ardougne market place. Energy potion
White berries 977 coins (update) From Farming, respawn at Red dragon isle (in wilderness) or use crystal teleport seed and the respawn in Elven area. Super defence potion
Rubium Untradeable From Mining, Mined under Witchaven, Kennith's Concerns is required. Super Fishing Explosive
Toad's legs 487 coins (update) Respawns west of the Grand Tree in the Swamp. Agility potion
Snape grass 173 coins (update) Respawns on Waterbirth Island and on peninsula west of Crafting Guild. Dropped by Chaos Druids, and Waterfiends. Prayer potion, Fishing potion
Mort Myre fungi 1,015 coins (update) Cast bloom with silver sickle on logs in Mort Myre Swamp in Morytania. Super energy potion
Crushed gorak claw Untradeable Kill Goraks. Magic essence potion
Dragon scale dust 650 coins (update) Taverley Dungeon, Blue Dragon area. Anti-fire potion

Weapon poison

Yew roots 4,389 coins (update) Only from Farming Yew trees. Extra strong anti-poison potion
Wine of Zamorak 3,187 coins (update) Telegrab from table at the Captured Temple. Super ranging potion
Potato cactus 2,939 coins (update) A few respawns in the Kalphite Lair. Combine with slayer assignments. Potato cactus can also be grown from a potato cactus seed in the cactus patch in Al Kharid. Super magic potion
Jangerberries 224 coins (update) Several respawns at Ogre Island (between Castle wars and Yanille). Bring a rope. Also from farming(48) Zamorak potion
Magic roots 2,742 coins (update) Growing, cutting down, and digging up Magic trees. (lvl 75 farming) Super strong anti-poison potion
Bird nest 1,373 coins (update) From Woodcutting, Miscellania, or for exchanging mole claws or mole skins. Saradomin brew
Poison ivy berries 664 coins (update) From bush Farming(70) Super strong weapon poison
Shrunk ogleroot 49 coins (update) Taverley witch's house. Shrinking potion
Ashes 298 coins (update) From any log fire when it stops burning. It can also be obtained by picking the White lily. Serum 207
Papaya 3,020 coins (update) Picked from a Papaya tree, grown with the Farming skill, or by using a Fruitfall scroll with the Fruit bat familiar. Adrenaline potion
Phoenix feather Untradeable Grabbed from a Desert phoenix near the clay mine in the Northeastern Kharidian Desert. Super antifire
Ground mud runes Untradeable Created by using Pestle and mortar on a Mud rune. Extreme magic
Grenwall spikes 759 coins (update) Obtained by trapping Grenwall using the Hunter(77) skill. Extreme ranging
Wyvern bonemeal Untradeable Obtained by grinding Wyvern bones in the Ectofuntus grinder. Super prayer
Bear fur From stealing from fur stalls (Ardougne and Varrock) and dropped by bears Defence potion

* Prices are approximate for buying item on the Grand Exchange

Note: Another way to obtain Eye of Newt, Unicorn Horn, or Red spider's eggs would be Creature Creation, which is available only after completing the Tower of Life quest. By defeating the appropriate creature, 2-10 of the item in question are dropped.

Money Edit

With the introduction of grimy herbs, these herbs now reveal their identity. Hence, the price of grimy herbs depends on what level herbs they are. Chaos druids (as well as Aberrant spectres and Flesh crawlers) drop grimy herbs often, and on occasion may drop two. Aberrant Spectres may also drop three.

Potion production costsEdit

For a full overview of profits/losses training Herblore; see Herblore/Production costs.

Temporary boostsEdit

Herblore Emote

A player wearing a Herblore cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.

  • A Greenman's ale will temporarily boost Herblore by 1 level. Greenman's ale can be bought in the Yanille pub or brewed using the Cooking skill. 26 Construction is required to build a beverage barrel of Greenman's ale in the kitchen of a player-owned house. A Greenman's ale does not stack with a spicy stew.
  • A Mature Greenman's ale will temporarily boost Herblore by 2 levels. This can only be made by brewing using the Cooking skill. A Mature Greenman's ale boost does not stack with a spicy stew.
  • A god banner can boost Herblore by 2 levels for thirty minutes, if you've done the relevant tasks. Because this is an extended boost, it is ideal for making a large quantity of potions above your level (such as for training); however, the boost does tick down from +2 to +1, and then refresh when it would tick down to +0. Thus it is best if you only need to boost one level, instead of two, or you will be periodically interrupted.
  • Brown Spicy stews can be made after Freeing Evil Dave in Recipe for Disaster. These may randomly boost or lower Herblore by up to 5 levels, depending on the amount of brown spice used.
  • Using the 'Boost' option on the Herblore cape will temporarily increase your level by 1, up to 100/99.

NPC assistanceEdit

Bob Barter at the Grand Exchange will decant potions for free. Decanting results in potions of the same kind being consolidated into 4-dose potions as much as possible (though Bob will also decant into 1, 2 and 3 dose potions, charging for any extra vials). For example, Bob Barter will decant six 3-dose strength potions into four 4-dose and one 2-dose potion. Noted potions may also be decanted; noted and unnoted potions in your inventory will be treated independently. This is a quick and easy way to free up vials for reuse, by consolidating into 4 dose potions.

Zahur in Nardah will clean grimy herbs for 200 coins per herb. This ability is typically only used by players who grew the herbs and cannot clean them, as the ability to make potions with the cleaned herb requires the herblore level to clean the herb. Even then it usually makes more sense to sell the grimy herb, as clean herbs are rarely much more than the grimy version, and often less.

Zahur will also decant 4-dose potions into 3-dose potions, for a fee of 11 coins per vial supplied. If you supply all vials required the service is free. Inventory space for the resulting potions is required, or Zahur will refuse to decant them. Zahur will now also decant noted potions with noted vials as well.


Herblore HabitatEdit

Main article: Herblore Habitat

In the Herblore Habitat minigame, there are ten potions that can be made using herbs grown there, and secondary ingredients found by hunting Jadinkos. All of these potions must be made in special juju vials bought from Papa Mambo, and some of them can be stored with tool leprechauns. These potions have special effects.

Flash Powder FactoryEdit

Main article: Flash Powder Factory

In Flash Powder Factory, requiring 50 Herblore and other certain skills, players make Flash Powder from two reagents in 15 minute games. The game is not focused on Herblore, so the bulk of experience doesn't go to a player's Herblore skill.

Scroll of cleansingEdit

Main article: Scroll of cleansing

The Scroll of Cleansing is a Dungeoneering reward, and can be purchased for 20,000 Dungeoneering reward tokens. It requires a Herblore level of 49 and a Dungeoneering level of 49. Once used, the scroll will disappear, giving the player the following permanent effects:

  • A 1 in 8 chance that the player will make a potion twice as fast as usual.
  • A 1 in 10 chance that when adding a herb to a vial of water or coconut milk, or a secondary ingredient to an unfinished potion, the herb or secondary, respectively, will not be used, leaving the player an extra ingredient.

Almost every potion in the game is affected by this scroll. However there are some exceptions. Guthix rest tea, Guam tar, Marrentill tar, Tarromin tar, Harralander tar, and Barbarian mix potions are not affected by the scroll.


Main article: Herbicide

The Herbicide is a Dungeoneering reward. It stays with the player at all times. When in the inventory, it will grind the herb and give the player bonus xp. It will not grind any herbs that the player cannot clean, and will not work on noted herbs.

Solomon's General StoreEdit

Enhanced Potion Making

A player mixing a potion with the alternative animation.

Upon the release of Solomon's General Store on 17 July 2012, players can purchase an alternative animation for herblore that plays whenever a player mixes a potion. This animation costs 176 runecoins.


  • In the game's fictional history, the skill owes its name to a temporal paradox. In 'Meeting History, Again' (one of the Medium Difficulty Ardougne Tasks) the player travels back in time again and talks to the creator of the art where they mention Herblore and she replies by saying that that is the perfect name for the art. This is a paradox as the player only mentioned this because they knew it from their own time but it appears they were the original inspiration.
  • Originally, herbs were identified rather than cleaned. All unidentified herbs or "unids" looked the same. The Grand Exchange was also released shortly after this change, so that may also have been a contributing factor.

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