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A herb protector is an item that can be used on a herb patch to ensure that there is no chance of the planted herb becoming diseased or dying. The herb protector may be applied to a patch either before or after planting the herb, and can be applied whether the patch has been composted or not. When an active greenfingers aura is equipped, inspecting an herb patch will state that "Your herb protector is looking after this patch for you" even if herb protector has not been applied; because of this, you cannot apply herb protector to a patch while the aura is active.


Herb protector Herb protector
Invention-Make-X GE icon
250 XP-17,366
Invention Invention level96
Blueprint (Invention) Research: Herb protector
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Plant curePlant cure1431431
Organic partsOrganic parts30N/A-
Healthy componentsHealthy components2N/A-

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