Heraldic plateskirts are rewards from Treasure Trails. They come in black, adamant, and rune versions, each with five different types of heraldic designs.


Black plateskirt (h5) detail

Black heraldic plateskirts are a reward from easy clue scrolls.

plateskirt Cost
Black plateskirt (h1) Black plateskirt (h1) 617,728
Black plateskirt (h2) Black plateskirt (h2) 547,853
Black plateskirt (h3) Black plateskirt (h3) 530,971
Black plateskirt (h4) Black plateskirt (h4) 589,574
Black plateskirt (h5) Black plateskirt (h5) 411,941


Adamant plateskirt (h5) detail

Adamant heraldic plateskirts are a reward from medium clue scrolls.

plateskirt Cost
Adamant plateskirt (h1) Adamant plateskirt (h1) 582,669
Adamant plateskirt (h2) Adamant plateskirt (h2) 475,097
Adamant plateskirt (h3) Adamant plateskirt (h3) 584,411
Adamant plateskirt (h4) Adamant plateskirt (h4) 495,571
Adamant plateskirt (h5) Adamant plateskirt (h5) 500,950


Rune plateskirt (h5) detail

Rune heraldic plateskirts are a reward from hard clue scrolls.

plateskirt Cost
Rune plateskirt (h1) Rune plateskirt (h1) 634,881
Rune plateskirt (h2) Rune plateskirt (h2) 636,412
Rune plateskirt (h3) Rune plateskirt (h3) 633,183
Rune plateskirt (h4) Rune plateskirt (h4) 637,219
Rune plateskirt (h5) Rune plateskirt (h5) 645,213

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