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This article is a strategy guide for Helwyr.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Helwyr is Seren's general in The Heart.

Getting ThereEdit

Helwyr is located in the southeast area of The Heart. To enter his chamber, the player must get 40 Serenist kill count (20 if the player has unlocked the 50% kill count reduction perk, requiring 4,500 Reputation), and have 80 Magic. Players can easily get kill count by visiting nodes that Serenist groups are attacking or simply kill the ones inside the fortress area.

Alternatively, one can use the Boss Portal in the Max Guild to teleport straight to the lobby area.

Recommended EquipmentEdit


Helwyr only uses melee attacks which hit up to 1200, unlike the other generals which have multiple combat styles at their disposal. He has several abilities he will use during the fight:

  • "YOU. WILL. BLEED!" - Helwyr stands upright and slashes at the area in front of him in a cone radius. Players caught in the clawed area will be hit for up to 3000 damage and start taking a bleed of 50 (or adds 50 if the player is bleeding from previous bleed attacks). This can be easily avoided by running to the left or right of him far enough.
  • "You cannot escape me. Aaaargh!" - Helwyr leaps over to a nearby player and starts clawing around him. This will deal rapid melee damage of up to 1800 every two ticks and bleed the player for 50 (or adds 50 if the player is bleeding from previous bleed attacks). Devotion, Debilitate and/or Reflect are highly recommended to reduce his melee damage while running away from him.
  • "Nature, lend me your aid!" - Players should note that Helwyr's chamber is littered with mushrooms which align in a 5x5 area. When Helwyr does this, three of the mushrooms will be enlarged and puff out green gas. Players caught in the gas will be dealt with rapid hits of up to 250 every tick and if the player stands too long in them, will be bound for several seconds. Multiple gas clouds from nearby mushrooms can and will stack on each other for extremely fast damage. In addition, players in the gas clouds cannot run while in their vicinity.
  • Howl - Helwyr howls, summoning two Cywir Alphas. They only have 3,000 life points but should be killed anyways to prevent them from sniping resonance heals from Helwyr's bleed attack.
  • Bleeds - Unlike the other generals in The Heart, Helwyr's claw and frenzy attacks can inflict bleeds on the player. The bleed starts off at a base of 50 every 2 ticks, and the more bleeds a player takes (melee damage attacks from claw/frenzy), another 50 is added, up to a cap of 250. This damage can be mitigated with abilities like Anticipation and Debilitate. Using Freedom will immediately remove the bleed.

Helwyr follows the set attack pattern:

  • "Nature, lend me your aid!" (Grows gas-puffing mushrooms)
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • "You. Will. BLEED!" cleave attack
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • "You cannot escape me. Aaaargh!" spinning attack
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • Spawns Cywir Alphas
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • Repeats above sequence

As soon as Helwyr spawns, be prepared to use Surge or Escape, as he will immediately grow three random mushrooms in the chamber, including those under the player. Surge and Escape allow the player to get out of the gas clouds fast, especially if the player is near the centre of the mushroom.

The most reliable way to fight Helwyr is with melee with a halberd-like weapon, such as the Noxious scythe or Dragon Rider lance. This is because of the use of Hurricane and Quake will get rid of the summoned alphas; although magic and ranged can do this with Corruption Blast and Corruption Shot respectively, the position of the wolves from Helwyr may prevent it from bouncing onto them, and will usually be unable to kill them outright.

Start off the kill by attacking Helwyr, getting out of the way of any active mushrooms. Continue attacking him until he performs his cleave attack; simply run out of the way to avoid taking damage. If you are low on health, this cleave attack can be resonanced (make sure there are no wolves and/or a bleed is on you, or they may snipe it); the cleave attack will always hit (and hit hard).

After three more attacks, Helwyr will use his enrage attack; this can be easily mitigated with Debilitate (after which you move away from him) or Devotion to fully block his damage while attacking him. Use Freedom after his enrage attack ends to clear off the bleed he placed on you.

Continue attacking him until he summons wolves; kill them, then focus on Helwyr again. When he grows the mushrooms again, move out of them (Surge/Escape can be used if they are not scattered randomly) and continue attacking him. He will repeat the same pattern until death.

DO NOT KEEP RUNNING from Helwyr; because his only attack style is melee, he will skip attacks and go straight into another ability which can cause more havoc.

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