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This article is about the item called Helm of neitiznot. For other Fremennik helmets, see Fremennik helmets.
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The Helm of neitiznot is a members piece of armour with mid-level stat bonuses, additionally being one of the few helms to offer prayer bonuses. It is a reward for completing The Fremennik Isles quest and requires a Defence level of 55 to wear.

The Helm of neitiznot (e) can be obtained by letting Pikkupstix enchant a normal helm (level 45 Summoning required). The player can then use 90 combat scrolls on it, giving it a brighter hue, and turning it into a Helm of neitiznot (charged).

The basic Helm of neitiznot is tradeable, although players may only equip the helm if they have completed The Fremennik Isles quest. If the helm is lost, talking to Mawnis Burowgar will allow players to purchase a new one for 50,000 coins.

Combat StatsHelm of neitiznot equipped
Skill requirements
55 Defence-icon
Attack MeleeHead slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses


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Fremennik helms update

Concept art of the helmet

  • Upon release, casting the High Level Alchemy spell on it would give more coins than it costs to buy; however, this was swiftly noticed and corrected by Jagex.
  • The first several days after the damage soaking update, there was a glitch where enchanted helmets would not give the same soaking bonus as normal helmets. This has been fixed.
  • The NPC player character "Firecapezorz" in The Elder Kiln quest still uses the old version of the Helm of neitiznot.

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