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Helm of Warping detail
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The Helm of Warping is the upgraded version of the Mask of the Abyss, one of the Slayer masks from the Treasure Hunter. It is obtained by killing 900 abyssal demons while wearing the mask.

Upon death, the helm does not appear under your gravestone. If lost, it may be reclaimed from Diango for 25,000 gp and no progress will be lost.

Combat StatsHelm of Warping equipped
Skill requirements
50 Defence-icon
CombatSwords HybridHead slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses


  • Once per day, while wearing the helm, the next assignment the player receives will be abyssal demons. They will still need to go to a Slayer Master that normally assigns these creatures – if they do not, the player will be told which Slayer Master assigns them. This does not work if they are in the process of setting up a co-op Slayer assignment.
  • Twice per day, this mask will teleport you directly to a choice of locations where abyssal demons can be found.
  • * The abyssal area, next to the fairy ring
  • The odds of receiving the abyssal demon head drop is doubled.
  • Every creature killed is tallied, while the mask is worn. Each mask has a set amount of kills assigned to it that, once reached, "uses up" the Slayer experience and double drops effects, and turns the mask into a helm. The kill count continues to be tracked beyond this point, up to 999,999 kills.
  • A right-click option outputs total kills of that creature.
  • After the helm version has been unlocked, the player is free to switch between it and the mask version, as a cosmetic preference only – this does not restore the Slayer experience and double drop effects to the mask.
  • A right-click option activates an emote in which the player is transformed into an abyssal demon for a few seconds.
  • This mask will also act as a face mask.


  • The Helm of Warping cannot be used to tune bane ore into abyssalbane ore.
  • Although the Abyssal demon transformation emote was updated to match with the new model, the helm itself was untouched.

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