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A Helm can be worn in the Headwear Slot. These helmets offer less armour protection then their Full counterparts, but provide the same health bonuses.  As with all melee oriented gear, they provide good defence again range attacks, but are weak to magic attacks. The majority of players, however, choose Full helms.

Helms do however cost less than their full counterparts, in coins and smithing materials.

Normal helmsEdit

Med Helm Grand Exchange cost
Bronze helmBronze helm114 [view]
Iron helmIron helm95 [view]
Steel helmSteel helm741 [view]
Black helmBlack helm1,101 [view]
White helmWhite helm1,411 [view]
Mithril helmMithril helm727 [view]
Adamant helmAdamant helm1,544 [view]
Rune helmRune helm10,202 [view]
Dragon helmDragon helm58,659 [view]
Corrupt dragon helmCorrupt dragon helm164,089 [view]
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Special helmsEdit


  • Before an update, they were called "med helms" or "medium helms".

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