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Taverley dungeonEdit

A very popular location for killing hellhounds with both melee and ranged. It is strongly encouraged that players have at least 65 Agility when attempting to kill them here without a Guthan's set, as the summer pies +5 boost will allow players to take a shortcut to the blue dragons. Having at least 75 Agility for a shortcut to an area just south of the hellhounds will cut down time between trips. If neither of these requirements are met, it is strongly recommended that players bring along a Guthan's set and some food (incase the set effect does not activate often enough) or ranges as going to the hellhound location will be very tedious. Ranging or using Guthan's will allow players to stay there indefinitely until Guthan's fully degrades or they run out of bolts. Players can go to the centre of the hellhound room with Guthan's, and the aggressive nature of the hellhounds will cause another hound to attack immediately after one dies, resulting in less attention needed. If they become unaggressive, enter the resource dungeon and exit it right away to make them aggressive again. If that is not possible, at least an antipoison or Protect from magic will suffice.

Taverley Dungeon resource dungeonEdit

Because hellhounds are aggressive, Guthan's will rarely heal players enough to continue combat, and safespotting is hard as players have to get all the dogs trapped or far away. However, using a dwarf multicannon while using the protect or deflect melee prayers will allow more experienced players to kill many hellhounds per hour. Also, when auto-retaliate is turned on, a player can train without paying much attention. After a while the dogs will become non-aggressive, and the player simply has to leave the resource dungeon, get hit once by a dog outside, and come back in. Then the hellhounds will become aggressive again.

Witchaven DungeonEdit

Generally not recommended, despite its several safespots. There are only two dogs here, and the respawn rate even on a highly-populated world is frustratingly slow. It's mostly deserted because of this fact.

God Wars DungeonEdit

This area is not recommended due to the hard time to get here. Along with that, god protection is needed due to the fact that Saradomin, Bandos and Zamorak protection is needed as there are no Avainsies near the Hellhounds. There are very few Hellhounds around the dungeon, and are extremely spread out. However, they have moderate spawn rates and are usually found fighting other followers, making it an ideal way to not use food at all. These hellhounds however, despite their look, drop no charms, and has a higher combat level than your common hellhound. Even though they offer a much larger experience per kill, the running around will most likely negate this. With all of these problems, it is generally not recommended to kill Hellhounds here.

Kuradal's DungeonEdit

If assigned a hellhound task by Kuradal, her dungeon is the best place to finish your task. The ferocious ring provides a 4% damage bonus to every hit and thus can speed up tasks. If players have rebuilt the fairy ring, quick banking is also available. Note that if you do not have a hellhound task from Kuradal, players will not be able to enter the dungeon to kill hellhounds. See Kuradal's dungeon for more information.

Forinthry DungeonEdit

The main factor to consider is that the area is PvP and there are often pkers on the lurk. Pkers that come here to kill revenant hunters will not hesitate to increase their earnings by attacking hellhound hunters, and they often cast teleblock, making it hard to escape. Revenant hunters are always prepared for pvp combat and won't mind adding other players' items to their loot. There are two ways to hunt hellhounds here - players can either only bring one weapon, armor they don't mind losing, and food (and therefore may use prayer to keep their weapon upon death) or they can risk bringing a full set of armour and log out immediately when another person enters the cave. Players can also come prepared for pvp combat, but be aware of the risks. This area is generally not recommended, unless players have combat brawling gloves they wish to use to their full potential.

Level 50+ WildernessEdit

Players who spend a great deal of time in the wilderness (killing the KBD or chaos elemental or training at the wilderness Agility course frequently) will find that in deep wilderness in a world with few people, pkers are rather rare. If a player is willing to risk it all, they can kill hellhounds here, as its not a particular hotspot (unlike the Forinthry dungeon or level 4-10 wilderness) and it's close to both the mage arena lever and the ardougne lever. Bringing emergency teleports is pointless, and upon seeing anyone, even unarmed and obviously not fit for pking, players should log out. If players are caught by pkers who do not Entangle, they should try to make their way to the mage arena or ardougne lever. Lots of food, even if using Guthan's, is recommended to survive the rare pker attack. Although not popular this 'can' very well be one of the best locations, depending on luck.

Wilderness VolcanoEdit

Generally not recommended, except for f2p players who do not wish to enter the Forinthry dungeon. However, be aware that in the Wilderness level 20s, the Wilderness volcano is a very popular hotspot for f2p high-level wilderness pkers, and it's a somewhat infamous p2p hotspot on some worlds. It is very hard for f2p to get here, furthermore, and on the way they will pass low-level wildy filled with pkers. Members can use the games necklace to the corporeal beast, and go to the volcano from there. The wilderness graphical update in December 2011 has made this place more dangerous, a haven for ambush pkers, as the volcano was completely re-worked. Do not go here, at all, unless you are an f2p.

Fighting strategyEdit

For high level players on a slayer task, hellhounds can be dispatched extremely quickly with Dharok's, using the threshold area of effect abilities Hurricane and Quake. Keeping health below 20% will allow consistent one hit kills. Care must be taken however, use of Soul Split or a healing familiar is recommended as Hellhounds hit surprisingly hard for their level.

Hellhounds have a low defence for their levels, but make up for this with a high strength level. The level 122 and 127 hellhounds have maximum hits of 118 and 130, respectively. They can be ranged and cannoned fairly easily in the Taverley Dungeon, making it a decent way to train the Ranged skill. In addition to several safe spots, players can stand outside of the target's wander zone to stay safe.

If fighting them in Level 50 Wilderness, there is a safe spot next to the southern most dead tree right next to the lava around the Deserted Keep; if you stand directly to the west of that tree, the hellhound will back against the fence and will not attack you while you range it.

The two hellhounds in the Witchaven Shrine Dungeon can also be easily ranged and maged once they become tolerant of the player. There is a gold rock in the middle eastern part of the room that is commonly used as a safe spot. If the hellhounds are not yet tolerant, the player can use the safespot next to the column (see photo) to hide from both of them. This dungeon is a quick trip to and from the south-east Ardougne bank.

Taverley Dungeon hellhound safespot

One of the safespots in Taverley dungeon.

Since there are only two, and the respawn rate is approximately 45 seconds on a medium-populated world, this may not be the most efficient place to slay them for a Slayer assignment, if you are able to kill them very quickly. An option for fastest kills for a slayer task is entering the Dungeoneering resource dungeon in the Taverley dungeon. 12 Hellhounds can be found here so it is an excellent place to set up a cannon and an attacking or healing familiar. Using prayer boosting gear and a few prayer potions one can finish a task in very little time.

Witchaven safe spot

However, the hellhounds in the Witchaven Shrine Dungeon are also the most cost effective, as players can use the Protect From Melee prayer while slaying the hounds. After the player's prayer points has run out, he/she may exit the dungeon to recharge prayer at the altar in Witchaven, then run back to the dungeon to kill more hellhounds. (Depending on the player's levels, 15-30 hounds may be slain before prayer must be recharged.)

Hellhound safepot KD

A safespot in Kuradal's Dungeon.

One popular method when fighting hellhounds is to equip the Guthan's set, a sustaining aura, such as Vampyrism, a Demonhorn necklace, and make use of a bonecrusher. This allows for infinite prayer points, as well as efficient healing (with protection/deflection prayers, your healing with the Guthan's set out-heals the damage from the hellhounds. It is very easy to kill mass numbers of hellhounds, without paying much attention at all. At high levels, it is possible to amass up to 180,000 xp/hour.

Despite the high accuracy and damage of their attacks, a player can still fight Hellhounds for a nearly limitless amount of time using either Guthan's set, a combination of Bunyip pouches, or unicorn stallion with healing aura scrolls.

Soul split and deflect melee can be used alternately.(Soul split when life points are low and deflect melee when life points are high).Theoretically, with Saradomin Godsword and soulsplit, one can stay there almost indefinitely even when on momentum.

If one refrains from picking up any bones, or uses a Bonecrusher, one would theoretically only need a maximum of 5 free inventory slots to pick-up any items that the hellhounds drop (All four kinds of charms + any eventual clue scroll). However, additional inventory spaces could be taken up by Ancient effigy drops, although this is quite rare. The rest of the player's inventory could then be filled with potions or food in order to prolong the trip. If killing the Hellhounds in Kuradal's dungeon, several spaces should be left open for possible Ferocious Ring drops. However, with a full inventory of lobsters or better, a level 50+ with level 36 ranged and using emerald bolts (e) could use their special effect to kill them easily.

Free-to-play strategyEdit

Hellhounds can be easily killed with all three attacks in the combat triangle with a fairly high combat level (90+) in the Wilderness Volcano or Forinthry Dungeon, the only places where free players can kill them. Their low defence stats can easily fool a player as they have high offensive stats, and can hit at their max very often. Killing these is not a good way to train as their only drop in F2P is bones. Wearing full rune is the best option for killing them. As they do a maximum damage of 118, it is advised to bring a full inventory of swordfish or anchovy pizza as food. Since the Evolution of Combat, the Hellhounds became fairly strong and can hit more then 220 even on full rune. Wearing a gravite 2h sword can make it faster to kill, but makes you weaker since you don't have a shield.

Rangers and mages can take a safespot just near the south-western entrance of the volcano, not worrying about other hellhounds. This is one of the few safespots in the volcano.

Recommended equipmentEdit

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Melee (Members)Edit

Recommended Equipment for Slash
Slot Item (Most effective → least effective)
Head slot Slayer helmet Torva full helm Bandos helmet Fighter hat Helm of neitiznot
Neck slot Saradomin's whisper Amulet of fury Amulet of glory Amulet of strength N/A
Cape slot Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal Max cape Fire cape Ardougne cloak 3
Torso slot Torva platebody Bandos chestplate Barrows body Dragon platebody Rune platebody
Legs slot Torva platelegs Bandos tasset Barrows legs Dragon platelegs Rune platelegs
Weapon slot Chaotic claw Chaotic longsword Chaotic rapier Abyssal vine whip Abyssal whip
2h slot N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
deLYWTd.png Off-hand drygore longsword Enhanced excalibur Dragon defender N/A N/A
Shield slot Chaotic kiteshield Blessed spirit shield Dragonfire shield > Toktz-Ket-Xil N/A
Ammo slot N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gloves slot Pneumatic gloves Torva gloves Goliath gloves Bandos gloves Regen bracelet
Boots slot Steadfast boots Torva boots Bandos boots Dragon boots N/A
Ring slot Ferocious ring Warrior ring (i) Onyx ring (i) Berserker ring (i) Ring of life
Aura slot Supreme reverence Master reverence Greater reverence Reverence N/A
Pocket slot N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Melee (Free)Edit

Ranged (Members)Edit

Ranged (Free)Edit

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