Hearthen the merchant
Release date 24 April 2012 (Update)
Also known as Merchant
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Daemonheim peninsula
Sells items No
Gender Male
  • He has a ruthless, wicked gleam in his eye. Clearly not to be trusted.
  • A Monk of Zamorak disguised as a trader. A cruel and spiteful man.
  • His corpse stains the earth. His greed stains my mind.
Merchant chathead

Hearthen was a merchant who traded with the residents of Daemonheim. He wasn't very trustworthy, and in actuality was a disguised Monk of Zamorak. He appears in Nadir, is the writer of one of The Rimebound Letters to his partner Prospero, and is mentioned during The Exile's story in Player-owned ports. He mentions working with a slave trader called Cermak.

He is known to have made a deal with a tribe of ramokee to make their worldbearers carry supplies down into Daemonheim, but this arrangement came to an end after their caravan was ambushed, and all but two were killed.

During Nadir, he is hired by Bilrach to transport pieces of the Freneskae ritual marker to him, but Hearthen's mind is stolen by Moia and he is killed by her before he can finish the delivery.