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Heartfreezer amulet detail

The heartfreezer amulet (active) is a heartfreezer amulet that has been worn. The amulet it unstackable. It has 100 charges.

There is a chance to receive 25 Heart of ice tokens from combat drops or skilling while the amulet is equipped. After receiving the tokens, the amulet will lose 25 charges and a message will be displayed which reads: Your heartfreezer amulet feels colder for a moment, and you collect 25 Heart of Ice tokens.

Once the amulet runs out of charges, it becomes Heartfreezer amulet (empty) and can be destroyed for 5 more Hearts of Ice. Doing so will give the message: You gain 5 Hearts of Ice as you destroy the amulet. A purely cosmetic version of the Heartfreezer amulet can be retrieved from Diango in Draynor Village after all the charges have been used up and/or it is destroyed.

If it activates while you have a full inventory, it'll show the message: "Your heartfreezer amulet feels colder for a moment, but you don't have the space for any Hearts of Ice tokens in your inventory." and will retain its charge.

Combat Stats
RequirementsHeartfreezer amulet equipped
NoneNeck slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses
Heartfreezer amulet concept art

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