A healing familiar is a familiar that can be summoned to help players quickly regenerate their life points.

Healing familiars are usually used by players that are expecting to stay in an area for a prolonged time. Staying in an area for a prolonged time is usually required by Slayer to kill large amounts of monsters, usually in the number of hundreds at a time. With the use of a healing familiar, the amount of time spent in an area without death is greatly increased.

Pouch Familiar Level Healing
Void spinner pouch Void spinner 34 10 life points per 15 seconds.
Bunyip pouch Bunyip 68 2% of your maximum life points every 15 seconds.
Fire titan pouch Ice titan pouch Moss titan pouch Moss titan, Ice titan and Fire titan 79 600 life points per special attack bar and boosts defence by 12.5%. (Titan's constitution scroll required)
Unicorn stallion pouch Unicorn stallion 88 Up to 10 times your Constitution level. (Healing aura scroll required).

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