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Heal Other
Heal Other icon
Members? Yes
Level 92
Spellbook Lunar
Type Combat
Experience 101
Runes 1Blood rune3Law rune3Astral rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Heal Other
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Heal Other is a high-level ally healing spell that requires 92 magic to cast and is the singular version of Heal Group. The spell transfers up to 75% of the caster's current life points to the targeted player as long as the caster has at least 11% of their life. The targeted player must have Accept Aid to Lunar spells enabled to be healed by this spell. As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell. Some players may choose to use this spell as a method of training magic in tandem with another player. One player would cast the spell on a second player, who would then cast it back on the first, resulting in a constant transfer of life points and rapid gain of magic experience. The downside to this training method is the great expense required for the runes, but a Law staff can reduce the cost slightly.

Smiddi Ryak can cast this spell in Temple Trekking, provided she is progressed to at least level 92.


Spell cost
1Blood rune3Law rune3Astral rune1,955


  • The icon of the spell was originally red but was changed due to similarities to other copyrighted icon(s).
  • There is a glitch that occurs allowing players to transfer life points to a player who is defeated. This will not stop them from dying, but the casting player will still lose 75% of their life points.
  • Smiddi gains Heal Other at level 92, the same magic level required for the player to use.
  • Prior to the update on 16 May 2016, Heal Other and Heal Group would not cause damage to the caster if they used Barricade.
  • After an update, the two Lunar healing spells share a cooldown of 10 seconds; per cooldown, only one of the two spells may be used. However, Barricade once again prevents the caster from taking damage from these spells.

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