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Heal Group
Heal Group icon
Members? Yes
Level 95
Spellbook Lunar
Type Combat
Experience 124
Runes 2Blood rune3Law rune4Astral rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Heal Group
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Heal Group transfers up to 75% of the caster's current life points and distributes them among injured players that are standing within 1 square from the casting player (including players standing on the same spot as the caster). Players must have Accept Aid turned on to receive healing from this spell. As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.

If the caster has less than 11% of their maximum life points remaining, they will be unable to cast the spell.


Spell cost
2Blood rune3Law rune4Astral rune2,797


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