This article is about the fake head mourner. For the real leader, see Head mourner.
Head mourner
Head mourner (West Ardougne)
Release date 27 August 2002 (Update)
Race Elf
Members Yes
Quest NPC Plague City
Location(s) West Ardougne
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine In charge of people with silly outfits.
Gas mask chathead

The head mourner is an Iorwerth Clan elf pretending to be the leader of the mourners in West Ardougne. This is presumably because the real head mourner is located in the underground headquarters near the Mourner Tunnels. He claims to work for King Lathas Ardignas to keep the Plague of West Ardougne in check. He has the same authority as city warder Bravek and is mostly in charge of the "official" paperwork and administration, whereas the real head mourner leads the mining operations to the Temple of Light by slaves from the city.

During the Ardougne Revolution, he was evicted from the city by the Royal Army of Ardougne.


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