Current Head Banners

Head banners are the banners at the top of the RuneScape website. The first one, Island Assault, was released on 1 July 2008 when the RuneScape website received a huge makeover and the game itself was upgraded to RuneScape High Detail, before that just a logo was shown which would also change sometimes during holidays or major updates (these are also archived in the "Pre-2008" article below). Banners link to their corresponding news posts.

After the release of "Island Assault", the banner has been frequently featuring holiday events or major events in RuneScape. Since 2011, special offers and new quests were included, and from 2012 on, nearly every game update gets its own banner, many of which are additionally previewed and featured in the Lobby.

Hall of MemoriesEdit

Hall of Memories head banner

  • Occasion: Venture into the Hall of Memories to discover Guthix's darkest secrets and forbidden knowledge.
  • Scene: Concept art of a Guthix memory meditating near the core of the Hall of Memories
  • Duration: 12 June -


Solak head banner

  • Occasion: Take on Solak with the help of Merethiel in the Lost Grove for new drops including the Blightbound crossbow and Solly pet.
  • Scene: Concept art of Merethiel and Solak battling
  • Duration: 29 May -

Summer SpecialEdit

Summer Special head banner 3

  • Occasion: The Summer special is now available
  • Scene: An adventurer falling with a book next to them
  • Duration: 21 May -

You Are ItEdit

You Are It head banner

  • Occasion: You Are It.
  • Scene: A letter covered in blood next to a hand
  • Duration: 8 May - 23 May, 6 June -


Safecracking head banner

  • Occasion: Open some safes to get some thieving experience as well as other rewards.
  • Scene: An adventurer trying to open a safe
  • Duration: 30 April -

Pieces of HateEdit

Pieces of Hate head banner

  • Occasion: Help defend Mos'Le Harmless from Rabid Jack and his invading forces in the finale to the Pirate quests
  • Scene: Concept art of various pirates involved in the quest.
  • Duration: 19 March - 16 April

The HorrorsEdit

The Horrors head banner

  • Occasion: Face the newest cave horror known as the Unspeakable horror for four new abilities
  • Scene: Concept art of the Unspeakable horror.
  • Duration: 12 March - 19 March

Deep Sea FishingEdit

Deep Sea Fishing head banner

  • Occasion: Visit the new Deep Sea Fishing hub to fish the new sailfish and jellyfish.
  • Scene: Concept art of an adventurer doing some fishing
  • Duration: 6 March - 11 March

Clue Scroll OverhaulEdit

Clue Scroll Overhaul head banner

  • Occasion: Master clue scrolls have arrived along with new rewards including second age armour.
  • Scene: Concept art of Zaida reading a clue scroll with Nigel the pack yak.
  • Duration: 26 February - 5 March

Double XP WeekendEdit

Double XP Weekend head banner 6

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend returns for GameBlast 2018 from 23 February untiil 26 February.
  • Scene: Concept art of Gielinor
  • Duration: 19 February - 26 February

Premier Club 2018 - Last ChanceEdit

Premier Club 2018 Last Chance head banner

  • Occasion: It's your last chance to buy Premier Club for 2018 before it is removed on 4th February.
  • Scene: Concept art of a male and female wearing the Hellion armour
  • Duration: 29 January - 5 February

Hati, Sköll and FenrirEdit

Hati, Skoll and Fenrir head banner 2

  • Occasion: Hati, Sköll, Fenrir and Vic the Trader return to Gielinor for a short time.
  • Scene: Hati and Sköll in a snowy forest area
  • Duration: 15 January - 12 February


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Splash pageEdit

Hitpoints historical
The Splash Page was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.

On the previous splash page (the page you got on when visiting the RuneScape website for the first time) there were also a few banners promoting the game which can be seen below. Now it just shows some screenshots.

NOTE: On the website all these banners had small animations.


  • As of 27 April 2012 no head banners were shown, instead it just showed the background which looks the same as the default banner but without any animations. This was most likely just a bug and has been fixed with the Runespan update.