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Current Head Banners

Head banners are the banners at the top of the RuneScape website. The first one, Island Assault, was released on 1 July 2008 when the RuneScape website received a huge makeover and the game itself was upgraded to RuneScape High Detail, before that just a logo was shown which would also change sometimes during holidays or major updates (these are also archived in the "Pre-2008" article below). Banners link to their corresponding news posts.

After the release of "Island Assault", the banner has been frequently featuring holiday events or major events in RuneScape. Since 2011, special offers and new quests were included, and from 2012 on, nearly every game update gets its own banner, many of which are additionally previewed and featured in the Lobby.


Frostworld head banner

  • Occasion: Return to the Land of Snow and revisit three previous Christmas events in the first part of this year's event.
  • Scene: Santa standing near a Christmas wardrobe, with a seal, Wizard Sedridor and a snowman with dragon equipment behind it.
  • Duration: 5 December -

Arc Winter WeekendEdit

Arc Weekend head banner

  • Occasion: The Arc Winter Weekend has started, offering supplies at half price, chance to not deplete Uncharted Isle resources, 2 more daily Waiko contracts and an additional Orokami spawn on Uncharted Isles.
  • Scene: Gielinor covered in snow, with the Wizards' Tower visible in the background
  • Duration: 2 December - 5 December

Premier Club 2017Edit

Premier Club 2017 head banner

  • Occasion: Buy Premier Club for 2017 and get exclusive content like the Desert Pantheon aura and the Menaphite Ancient override armour
  • Scene: Concept art of the male and female Menaphite Ancient override with Menaphos in the background
  • Duration: 28 November -

Children of MahEdit

Children of Mah head banner

  • Occasion: Learn the truth about Zamorak's betrayal and solve the Mahjarrat power draining mystery in the new Children of Mah quest
  • Scene: Concept art of Zamorak confronting Zaros in his throne room
  • Duration: 21 November - 5 December

Bounty HunterEdit

Bounty Hunter head banner

  • Occasion: Take on players in the Wilderness in the returned Bounty Hunter worlds, with new rewards.
  • Scene: Several adventurers fighting within the Wilderness
  • Duration: 15 November - 5 December

Christmas JumpersEdit

Christmas Jumpers head banner

  • Occasion: Pre-order the new Christmas Jumpers from the official RuneScape Merch Store
  • Scene: Two Jmods wearing the christmas jumper
  • Duration: 2 November - 15 November

Walk like a ZombieEdit

Walk like a Zombie head banner

  • Occasion: Complete various tasks to unlock various rewards, including a zombie walk override and 3 tiers of the Zombie outfit
  • Scene: Concept art of the Zombie outfit
  • Duration: 27 October - 2 November

Invention of DisasterEdit

Invention of Disaster head banner

  • Occasion: Help Iron Doc and Dr Fenkenbrain construct a new guardian for their world
  • Scene: Concept art of Iron Doc with the God construct
  • Duration: 24 October - 7 November

Trials of RadimusEdit

Trials of Radimus head banner

  • Occasion: Face off against 15 different opponents in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends' first campaign mode update
  • Scene: The Chronicle book showing Linza, TokHaar-Ket, Ariane, Ozan and others on the campaign map
  • Duration: 20 October - 2 November

Arc Chapter 2Edit

Arc Chapter 2 head banner

  • Occasion: Explore Tuai Leit, Goshima, Cyclosis and The Islands That Once Were Turtles in the newest expansion to the Arc region
  • Scene: Concept art of a Cyclops and a crablet
  • Duration: 10 October - 15 November

Customer Support WeekEdit

Customer Support Week head banner

  • Occasion: Improve your account security throughout CS Week and get several rewards.
  • Scene: Concept art of Count Check defending against an unseen enemy
  • Duration: 3 October - 10 October

Double XP WeekendEdit

Double XP Weekend head banner 2

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend is active through 23 September to 26 September.
  • Scene: Concept art showing Gielinor in the background.
  • Duration: 23 September - 26 September

Dagannoth Kings ReworkEdit

Dagannoth Kings rework head banner

  • Occasion: Fight against the graphically reworked Dagannoth Kings in their updated lair.
  • Scene: An adventurer about to fight with the three Dagannoth kings
  • Duration: 19 September - 24 October

RuneFest 2016Edit

RuneFest 2016 Stream head banner

  • Occasion: Watch the 2016 RuneFest Livestream now
  • Scene: An Arc themed background with an image from RuneFest 2015
  • Duration: 17 September

250 Million Gold RaffleEdit

250m Gold Raffle head banner

  • Occasion: Log in daily for a chance at winning 250 million coins, in celebration of 250 million accounts created.
  • Scene: Coins falling on a purple background
  • Duration: 12 September - 23 September

RuneScape: Idle AdventuresEdit

Idle Adventures head banner

  • Occasion: RuneScape: Idle Adventures has been released into Early Access for all players
  • Scene: Concept art of Saradomin as he appears in the game
  • Duration: 1 September - 3 October

Skilling PetsEdit

Skilling Pets head banner

  • Occasion: Train your skills to unlock 19 new skilling pets.
  • Scene: Concept art of various skilling pets
  • Duration: 22 August - 23 September

Summer Beach PartyEdit

Summer Beach Party 2016 head banner

  • Occasion: Travel to the Lumbridge Crater to take part in the Summer Beach Party, with new events like Terrorbird racing and Hook-a-Duck, along with all previous activities from 2015.
  • Scene: Concept art of Reyna, Clawdia and the Lumbridge Crater beach.
  • Duration: 15 August - 12 September

Wilderness Task SetEdit

Wilderness Task Set head banner

  • Occasion: Travel into the Wilderness to complete the brand new task set
  • Scene: Concept art of the Wilderness in the background with an NPC in the front.
  • Duration: 8 August - 15 August

Clearance SaleEdit

Clearance Sale head banner

  • Occasion: 33% off select merch store items for a limited time before they're gone for good.
  • Scene: Two Jagex Moderators wearing the I am Deadman and Attack level up shirts
  • Duration: 8 August - 15 August

The ArcEdit

The Arc head banner

  • Occasion: Travel to the first part of the Arc to explore Uncharted Isles and complete several new miniquest
  • Scene: Concept art of the Arc region
  • Duration: 25 July - 1 September

Summer Special 2016: Last ChanceEdit

Summer Special 2016 Last Chance head banner

  • Occasion: It's the last chance to get the Summer Special before it's gone on the 31st of July
  • Scene: Several concept art of content planned for RuneScape in the Summer
  • Duration: 19 July - 1 August

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - MorvranEdit

Chronicle Morvran release head banner

  • Occasion: The newest addition to Chronicle, Morvran, has been released.
  • Scene: Concept art of Morvran and some of the monsters encountered he uses in his deck.
  • Duration: 13 July - 25 July

Port Sarim InvasionEdit

Port Sarim Invasion head banner

  • Occasion: Defend Port Sarim from Jed and the invading Skulls members.
  • Scene: Concept art of Jed with several Skulls pirate members.
  • Duration: 13 July - 25 July

RuneFest 2016Edit

RuneFest 2016 head banner

  • Occasion: Tickets for RuneFest 2016 are now available.
  • Scene: Concept art from the Eastern Lands content
  • Duration: 8 July - 25 July


Telos head banner

  • Occasion: Face off against Telos, RuneScape's toughest boss, for new rewards including tier 92 weapons and a boss pet.
  • Scene: Concept art of Telos
  • Duration: 27 June - 8 July

Gower QuestEdit

Gower Quest head banner

  • Occasion: Solve the mystery on why the worlds cabbages are dying.
  • Scene: Concept art of Andrew and Paul Gower as cabbagemancers
  • Duration: 20 June - 13 July

Summer Special 2016Edit

Summer Special head banner 2

  • Occasion: Buy 3 months of membership for the price of 2 and get a new Illumination aura.
  • Scene: Several concept art of content planned for RuneScape in the Summer
  • Duration: 28 May - 8 July

Summer Summit LivestreamEdit

Summer Summit livestream head banner

  • Occasion: Watch the Summer Summit livestream now
  • Scene: An image from a previous video with a background of Gielinor.
  • Duration: 28 May

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Full ReleaseEdit

Chronicle Full Release head banner Chronicle Full Release head banner 2

  • Occasion: Chronicle has launched on Steam and moved out of Open Beta.
  • Scene: Ariane, Ozan and The Raptor holding several Chronicle cards
  • Duration: 26 May - 8 July

Kindred SpiritsEdit

Kindred Spirits head banner

  • Occasion: Uncover the mystery as to why several people have gone missing, and discover more about the Barrows Brothers in this new quest.
  • Scene: Several skulls with the helmets from some of the Barrows Brothers
  • Duration: 16 May - 23 May

Pack Yak PlushieEdit

Pack Yak Plushie head banner

  • Occasion: Pre-Order your very own Pack Yak plushie from the RuneScape Merch Store now, before they become available on 4th June
  • Scene: An image of the Pack Yak plushie
  • Duration: 16 May - 23 May

Invention Tech TreesEdit

Invention Tech Trees head banner

  • Occasion: Tech Trees have received an update in Invention, with new items like the Kinetic Cyclone and Electrified Trap.
  • Scene: Concept art of a workshop with various machines and blueprints
  • Duration: 16 May - 23 May

Chronicle Steam LaunchEdit

Chronicle Steam Launch head banner

  • Occasion: Chronicle: RuneScape Legends' Steam release is on May 26th. Log in between 12 May and 15 May to get three free card packs.
  • Scene: Ariane and The Raptor game pieces next to three Chronicle cards
  • Duration: 12 May - 16 May

Mega MayEdit

Mega May head banner

  • Occasion: Help Meg solve several cases throughout the month of May for various rewards.
  • Scene: Meg inspecting a sock with a magnefying glass
  • Duration: 3 May - 26 May

River of BloodEdit

River of Blood head banner

  • Occasion: Stop Vanescula from invading the Misthalin region of Gielinor in the finale to the Myreque quest series
  • Scene: Vanescula with an army of Vampyres behind her fighting various Myreque members
  • Duration: 25 April - 16 May


NXT head banner

  • Occasion: The NXT game client is now out, take part in Benedict's World Tour to see various locations in the new client
  • Scene: Several locations shown using the NXT client
  • Duration: 18 April - 8 June

God Wars Dungeon 2Edit

God Wars Dungeon 2 head banner

  • Occasion: Delve into the second God Wars dungeon to take on four new bosses.
  • Scene: Concept art of Gregorovic, Vindicta and Gorvek, the Twin Furies and Helwyr
  • Duration: 29 March - 13 April, 18 April - 3 May

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Open BetaEdit

Chronicle Open Beta head banner Chronicle Open Beta head banner 2

  • Occasion: Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Open Beta has officially launched.
  • Scene: Linza, Raptor, Vanescula and Ariane battling several of the games cards, on the Lumbridge, Wizards' Tower, and Sword of Edicts maps.
  • Duration: 23 March - 29 March

Tales of the God WarsEdit

Tales of the God Wars head banner

  • Occasion: Help the Curator near the entrance to God Wars Dungeon 2 complete the chapters on his strange book.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Curator
  • Duration: 7 March - 23 March

Double XP WeekendEdit

Double XP Weekend head banner 2

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend is active through 26 February to 29 February
  • Scene: Concept art showing Gielinor in the background.
  • Duration: 27 February - 29 February

GameBlast 2016 Now LiveEdit

GameBlast 2016 Live head banner

  • Occasion: Take part in the Double XP weekend while watching the GameBlast 2016 livestream.
  • Scene: Concept art showing Gielinor in the background.
  • Duration: 26 February - 27 February


RuneMetrics head banner

  • Occasion: Use the new RuneMetrics tools to maximize your efficiency while playing.
  • Scene: A goblin standing infront of a board with calculations on it.
  • Duration: 22 February - 22 March

Nomad's ElegyEdit

Nomad's Elegy head banner

  • Occasion: Travel to the Underworld to stop Nomad's latest nefarious plan.
  • Scene: Concept art of Nomad surrounded by the souls of the deceased
  • Duration: 15 February - 7 March


Invention head banner

  • Occasion: Invent new ideas with the first Elite Skill, Invention.
  • Scene: Concept art of a workshop with various machines and blueprints
  • Duration: 25 January - 26 February

15 Day SaleEdit

15 Day Sale head banner

  • Occasion: The 15 Day Merch store Sale is live, with a new item on sale every day until the 30th January
  • Scene: Two Jagex Moderators wearing a RuneScape related shirt
  • Duration: 18 January - 1 February

Hati, Sköll & FenrirEdit

Hati, Skoll and Fenrir head banner

  • Occasion: Hati and Sköll return, with new addition Fenrir added. Kill all three to complete the Wolf outfit and gain experience in several skills.
  • Scene: Hati and Sköll in a snowy forest area
  • Duration: 18 January - 10 February

Winter Weekend - Invention PreparationEdit

Invention Preparation Winter Weekend head banner

  • Occasion: Take part in the final Winter Weekend of 2015 with boosts to prepare for the first elite skill, Invention.
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible
  • Duration: 8 January - 11 January

15 Year Anniversary CelebrationEdit

15 Year Anniversary head banner

  • Occasion: Join Party Pete ingame to celebrate 15 years of RuneScape
  • Scene: A collection of concept art from past RuneScape updates
  • Duration: 4 January - 25 January

Winter Weekend - Mazcab and RaidsEdit

Mazcab and Raids Winter Weekend head banner

  • Occasion: Take part in the fifth Winter Weekend of 2015 with boosts on Mazcab and Raids, including double reputation in the Nemi Forest
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible
  • Duration: 1 January - 4 January


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Splash pageEdit

Hitpoints historical
The Splash Page was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.

On the previous splash page (the page you got on when visiting the RuneScape website for the first time) there were also a few banners promoting the game which can be seen below. Now it just shows some screenshots.

NOTE: On the website all these banners had small animations.


  • As of 27 April 2012 no head banners were shown, instead it just showed the background which looks the same as the default banner but without any animations. This was most likely just a bug and has been fixed with the Runespan update.

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