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Haunted Woods Torches were added in the Woodcutting Rebalance update of 23 September 2009. Torches are scattered around the Haunted Woods which can be lit when you have 47 Firemaking with a piece of bark in the player's inventory (from the hollow trees in the area) to restore a total of 100 Prayer Points, each lit torch restores 10 Prayer Points. Jagex states that this is useful if you are being "swamped" by vampyres. Lighting one gives 100 experience to Firemaking. Flame gloves and the Ring of fire apply, while wearing both, the experience received is raised to 105 experience per torch. If one is planning to be in the Haunted Woods for a prolonged amount of time, and are planning to use prayer, these may be utilised by bringing along a hatchet to cut the bark. This is useful for Vampyre slayer tasks.

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