Not to be confused with Harold (Return to Canifis).
Harold Evans
Harold Evans
Release date 10 January 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC In Search of the Myreque
Location Under Canifis in the original Myreque Hideout
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Hot headed big built youth who trained in the militia.
Harold Evans chathead
Harold Evans (hallucination) chathead

Harold Evans was a member of Mort Myre order of The Myreque, working to help free Morytania from the clutches of Lord Drakan. Harold was the group's main fighter, and he provided close combat assistance for his allies, often bearing the brunt of damage and was normally in the thick of the battle. He showed promise, but was slain by Vanstrom Klause during Vanstrom's raid of the Myreque's Canifis headquarters, along with Sani Piliu.

During In Memory of the Myreque, a statue is built honouring his sacrifice. It is revealed that he used to use blamish dye to make the tattoos of his fellow Myreque members, applied with nail beast nails.

During River of Blood, his head can be seen on a bookshelf and upon interacting with it he says, "Don't pour holy water on meeeee! I'm not a bloodveld wheeeee."

Harold Evans dies

Harold Evans is killed by Vanstrom Klause

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