For the NPC, see Ak-Haranu.

Haranu is an island in The Scythe region of the Wushanko Isles. The island of Haranu is awash with cherry forests.  The island was once home to occultists before they were rounded up and executed by the Scythe's khans.


  • In A Ritual, the player may help the khan of Haranu perform a ritual to shield the island from an occultist's curse.
  • In A Voyage of Discovery, a captain may gain the trait Tough as Nails by journeying to Haranu.
  • In In Dire Need, the player may send a ship to protect Haranu from ripper demons summoned by an Occultist. Alternatively, the people of Haranu may be in desperate need of supplies and the player may bring aid to help them fight the occultist who's attacking the area. (There are 2 versions of this voyage that mention Haranu).
  • In On Turtleback, the player's crew may board a flying turtle where an occultist is coordinating an attack on Haranu and claim the lives of her minions.
  • In Smuggling Job, the player may smuggle illegal cannon shells to Haranu to help in the fight against an occultist.
  • In The Cure, a plague has spread to the people of Haranu. The player is asked to find a cure by speaking with the sage in the Enchanted Ivory Forests of Ren Bo.
  • In To the Rescue, the player may free sacrificial victims being held captive by a self-proclaimed occultist in an underwater prison north of Haranu.
  • In Tsunami, the player's help is needed to protect Haranu from a tidal wave summoned by an occultist.

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